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Vorst Nationaal Forest - Brussels, Belgium
November 11, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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1.The Gloaming
2. 2+2=5
3. Sit Down Stand Up
4. Where I end And You Begin
5. Exit Music For A Film
6. Kid A
7. Just
8. Sail To The Moon
9. Climbing Up The Walls
10. Myxomatosis
11. Like Spinning Plates
12. Lucky
13. Karma Police
14. Scatterbrain
15. The National Anthem
16. Paranoid Android
17. Idiotheque
bis 1
18. There There
19. I Might Be Wrong
20. A Drunken Punch Up At A Wedding
21. Street Spirits
bis 2
22. The Bends
23. Evrything In It's Right Place

here you are fella's
Show Notes
ticket price: 40
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 11, 2003 03:34:00

Summer 2003 , TW2003 and radiohead 2003.That really sums it up.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 00:18:25

on nov.11, its certain, brussels was one of the best places to be on earth. radiohead and a group of extremly enthusiastic fans were the sole reason. the set list was good (of course), but these contingent details, in my opinion, have become superfluous at radiohead shows. quite simply, radiohead doesnt have a 'bad' song - moveover, they undoubtedly have no 'bad' live songs. what is of particular interest to me in a 'live concert' experience is the way in which the band and the audience relate to each other, and on this night, it was nothing less than spectacular. this was the 'highlight' of the show - no song, no individual action could hold up to the encompassing feeling both audience and (im sure) band felt towards each other (i.e. being within the first few rows, and peering closely into the way all band members acted/reacted to things, i would have to be completely lost pyschologically to miss this point entirely). more specifically, (again pyschologically speaking) was the way the band members looked at each other 4 times throughout the night (1st = after 'karma police', 2nd = after 'paranoid android', 3rd = before 'there there' - first encore, and 4th = before 'the bends' - second encore). in these times, the band members 'looked' at each other smiling, legitimtaly as if they were 'affected' by the audience response (i use 'looked' and 'affected' in scare quotes because these are only coming from, of course, an external perspective). now, we all know how long radiohead have been touring, and furthermore, that this is a 'later' show on this particular tour. that they can still manange to 'appear' as they did in those four instances aformentioned is due to, 1. their incredible way to be 'showmen' on stage, or, 2. the fact that they really did feel something special at vorst. i choose to interpret it in favour of the latter for a few reasons: 1. theoretical - radiohead do not seem to be the kind of band who will react only to appease their listening audience. they appear rather (through things i have read) to be a band who legitimatly 'care' about the truth and wish never to conceal it further from the eyes of the masses (even the eyes of their own fans), and 2. empirical - of all the radiohead shows i have had the pleasure of seeing (somewhere around 10 i suppose), this one was by far the most vibrant (on part of both audience and band - e.g. the way in which mr. yorke 'acted out' importance of an existential 'feeling' through myxomatosis).
i should really sum this up (even though i would be suprised if anyone actually reads it) with one more point. and this, not particularly about the concert, but about something important. im not completey certain that this is what radiohead is promoting or even supporting from their album 'the gloaming', but i think it may be at least similar enough to say. we are all under a 'double concealment'. we are not only concealed to the truth (as someone like michael moore or noam chomsky would have us believe) - this would be quite easy to both recognise and remedy. we are further concealed to the very fact of our own concealment, and this is what is causing all the problems. we are blocked from the sun, and we dont even notice that it isnt sunny. this is 'the gloaming' in my approximation. this is the ontological state of the world. please...i will not give any advice (since we are beyond that shit), but to 'know' of your ignorance is far better than to be 'ignorant' of your ignorance. socrates gave us that wisdom a very long time ago, and he was a very intelligent fellow.
finally, on a lighter note...radiohead are VERY good musicians. it is a pleasure that we all are here to experience them in their 'creative years'.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 00:40:38

Fucking brilliant!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 01:01:43

Great show,

Venue Vorst was packed. Sound was surprisingly ok!

Highlights of the show;

* version of 2+2=5
* karma police (crowd sing along!)
* Paranoid android (rain down on me)
*Scatterbrain; cristal clear vocals!
*There there ; percussion was awsom!
*Ideoteque: crowd and Thom York extatic

+Encores: The Bends (magnificent wall of sound!), Everything in its right place (Forever!)

We missed : wolf at the door, fake plastic trees,...

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 04:00:32

ADF Rocks!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 04:06:32

O what a night!!!
From the first groovy tunes of the Asian Dub Foundation, over the mysterious 'The Gloaming' and 'Myxomatosis', straight to 'The Bends'... last night was ONE BIG CRESCENDO!

Once again Radiohead prooved that they have it all. And I think that the other 9999 witnesses would agree when I say that this band rocks, they can move you, they can touch that very little spot in the deepest of your soul!

Last nights extraordinary version of 'Sail to the Moon' for example, is, I'm sure, the worlds best weapon against any type of stupid war!!!

Thank you Radiohead,

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 04:10:26

I saw them last night woohoo!
They were amazing as always. Here's the track list (with highlights):

1 The Gloaming (Jonny was making all the sounds on his powerbook laptop)
2 2+2=5 (nothing in particular, great as usual)
3 Sit down. Stand up (ditto)
4 Where I end and you begin (ditto)
5 Exit Music (Best moment of the evening)
6 Kid A (high five)
7 Just (Amazingly well played with a lot of cool improvisation by Jonny)
8 Sail to the moon (nice and calming after Just)
9 Climbing up the walls (Sinister, frightening, creepy, disturbing and spin-chilling :))
10 Myxomatosis (Thom: "This is the dirtiest one")
11 Like spinning plates (Thom made a very small mistake on the piano. Nevertheless it was breathtaking)
12 Lucky (Great)
13 Karma Police (Very nice piano part by Jonny)
14 Scatterbrain (Very well played)
15 The National Anthem (ditto)
16 Paranoid Android (Jonny sang a little bit behind his piano during "ambition makes you look pretty ugly...kicking squealing gucci little piggy")
17 Idioteque (I was fighting for my life during this song and I don't remember anything about it. Packed like a sardine in a crushed tin box...)

First encore:
18 There There (It didn't have the same mmppff as in their other shows where it was played fist and therefore with more energy. Instead it was calmer and more composed. Very nice)
19 I Might be wrong (Groovy)
20 A Punch-up at a wedding (same)
21 Street Spirit (10/10)

22 The Bends (Thom: "this song starts with a D chord, take a guess...)
23 Everything in its right place (sadly all good things have an end)

I was 2 or 3 meters from the stage, on Jonny's side. They really rocked. Thom wasn't very talkative but he definitely appreciated the cheers and the applause. At one point he even laughed because we just wouldn't stop cheering and therefore they couldn't start playing their next song. After Myxomatosis, he looked at me and I gave him thumbs up :)
During Myxomatosis, Ed played a Fender Toronado (which was owned by the guitarist of Asian Dub Foundation)... Ummm what else...... Jonny had had a hair cut :p...
This show was absolutely astounding! I can't wait to see them again in London!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 05:21:31

Perhaps it's not really sensible to give a review about the concert because ever since it begun I am totally speechless.
But now, the gig was absolutely fantastic. I had never experienced such a show in my whole life. I stood a few meters away from Thom and I could see his face very distinctly when he was singing and flipping all around. I have never seen anyone like him before, so plain and still so brilliant in his being that it easily turned him into the most beautiful man in the world.
And then the music! God.. electric and acoustic. Loud and quiet, at the right time..
sweat and tears, perhaps like paranoid android
(undoubtedly the best band ever)
(undoubtedly the best gig ever)

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 11:53:41

Radiohead started their gig with The Gloaming, a bit of a surprise I might say and then lighted up the house with 2+2=5.
Extremely beautiful was exit music, except for those few morons who thought is was necessary to shout while everybody was holding their breaths.
The best song of the show for me (can we actually speak of a best song? they are all f**king fantastic) was Idioteque.
After the first break the wonderfull percussion of there there was again unbelievable.
To close the evening they chose Everything In It's Right Place. I knew I was at the right place, the Radiohead concert in Brussels. What a great night.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 13, 2003 04:17:15

For two hours there, I lost myself..

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 13, 2003 11:54:02

hate to spoil the party for everyone who's been overwhelmed by the experience of being close to the stage, but the show wasn't that great by radiohead standards. i was in the "pit" as well and, far from feeling the supposed connection between the band and the crowd, all that i could sense for the first half of the concert was the lack of energy and excitement typical for a radiohead show. seriously, no one knew the words and there were far too many guys in the very front rows standing around with their arms crossed on their chests. things did warm up a bit in the second half - the songs off the bends and the amnesiac/kid a period got the most attention i thought. the new material was not received with comparable enthusiasm, however. the band, in turn, did not give the crowd anything special or 'over-the-top' - the show felt more like a working engagement, than a release of creative energy and desire - a standard "2 hours, 2 encores, lights on." this is not to say that the songs were not played well - they were, in fact, played superbly; they were simply played 'unexceptionally' which i guess is the point i'd like to make about this show.

overall, i'd agree with my colleagues that radiohead does not have any bad songs or even bad concerts (i have yet to go to one where they prove to disappoint entirely), but even the best bands have off-days. every band plays differently depending on the crowd - the difference between this show and the show in montreal earlier this year is a case in point. i unfortunately felt nowhere near the amount of enthusiasm, support and... fuck - love! - for the band in brussels as they were met with in montreal.

on a separate note to the first poster about the show: regardless of whether or not it would be better to know of our ignorance or to be ignorant of it, we may not have a choice in the matter anyway. as heidegger would put it, one needs to have at least some basis of knowledge about something in order to be able to pertinently question anything about that thing. oftentimes, and this is probably representative of a large part of the world's population, people do not have this basis of knowledge, making them not only incompetent in being able to question the nature of 'double concealment,' as you call it, but unable to even understand 'concealment' itself. they thus remain suspended in a virtuality which effectively becomes indistinguishable for them from the 'real' state of things. to go back to plato, forms become shadows and vice versa, and the viewer cannot tell them apart because the cave now ceases to have an inside and an outside. so you see, the only 'Truth,' with a capital 'T,' is that there is none, and as much as one would like to know what is being 'concealed', they simply may not have the right information to even begin questioning the world around them.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 04:27:30

It was fucking great!
I loved it from the top to the verry last chord or sound... It was a night I'll never forget. I say this with my arms chrossed on my chest. That's how I listen to music. That's how I stood there being jalous!
Am I right? It was a house of jalous lovers!

See ya

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