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Bercy - Paris, France
November 17, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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01 2+2=5
02 sit down. stand up
03 where i end and you begin
04 lucky
05 backdrifts
06 go to sleep
07 just
08 creep
09 paranoid android
10 sail to the moon
11 a punchup at a wedding
12 airbag
13 myxomatosis
14 you and whose army?
15 the gloaming
16 idioteque
17 there there

Rappel #1
18 fake plastic trees
19 national anthem / hunting bears
20 a wolf at the door
21 how to disappear completely

Rappel #2:
22 karma police
23 true love waits
24 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 12:22:48

2 h 05 min of pure happiness...
I'd like first of all to thank the band, this show was absolutely incredible, enormous, giant.

An incredible environment, something really magic in the air... Thom was (obviously) great, the setlist was a gift ; a moving version of Fake Plastic Trees, a beautiful True Love Waits, a wonderful Wolf at the Door, an unexpected Creep... What should I say / expect more ?

The band was really great tonight, I will never forget this evening in Bercy. Jonny's and Ed's talent cut my legs, letting me out of voice, really, as much as Phil's white suit...

A big thank you to Radiohead and to the audiance who make this dream come true.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 22:34:23

A great show...
I had never saw radiohead before yesterday's evning... This was amazing. It can believe how good it was... The play lot of songs from hail to the thief, and a lot of old ones including :
Idiotque, How to diseappear completly, Lucky, the unbelievable Paranoid Android, and they also played creep !!!
I used to think that they didn't play it anymore.
Then, in the second encore, they played Karma police, TRUE LOVE WAITS (thank you very much mister Thom York) and they gone with everything in its right place.
I have forgotten one thing : Asian Dub Foundtation were excellent, if you live in France, go and see them to night in Ris Orangis, France.
Peace and Love all over the world
Mat Met

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 18, 2003 10:18:30

Just confirmed me what the Radiohead are and made me understand why their mood has changed from OK Computer.
However what a fucking great "fake plastic..".

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 08:38:54

I saw Radiohead for the first time on November 11th in Brussels.I saw them many times on tv, and I've all their cd's. They were incredible. Tom's voice has a magical sound. I love Radiohead, their style, their music, everything, they're the best.I cannot wait to see another concert of them.You must have seen Radiohead once to know how good they are live.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 09:36:08

It was simply brILLiant!! The band is totally fantAstic, all musicians are enormously talented, they gave us more than 2 hours of bliss.. They played Creep and it was so beautiful i cried.. All songs from Hail to the thief were unbelievable in live, 2+2=5, A wolf at the door, a beautiful Sail to the moon, a great Punch up at a wedding, an amazing There there with Ed and Jonny with a drum each adding to Phil's play.., and it was so good to listen to the old songs from the previous albums, Idiotheque, Fake Plastic trees.. The music was incredibly perfect. The show was perfect, Thom was so nice with his little speaking in French, inviting us to come to London on Thursday and "tell Mr Bush, how much we.. REALLY like him"... or apologizing for the slang he let out, thinking the micro was off ;) and Colin's little thankful speech in French at the end was so friendly.. you get out of this full of love and joy though it is already finished.. Thanks to all the crew

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 13:14:47

I can't even describe how great it was ! This is the second time i've seen a Radiohead concert. I thought the first one was awesome, but this one was just incredibly outsandingly GREATER !!
I can't remember the whole setlist, the crowd was mad, the band was mad, and you could see that Thom Yorke was REALLY having fun !!!
Maybe because this is the only concert they will be playing in France (if you don't count the secret concert in July and the festival), they wanted to give us a special treat. Anyways, a GREAT THANK YOU because they sang two songs that were quite unexpected : CREEP and TRUE LOVE WAITS !!! expecially Creep, cuz i know they don't play it anymore, or just really rarely (except for this one time in Japan this year). What a great gift !! it made me think that they must have really loved us to offer us such great songs live !!
Plus that, they played so many other songs, and they were just perfect ! Songs from the new album and the old ones. And what a beautiful Fake Plastic Trees !!
This was the greatest concert ever !! And I still can't believe it !

Moreover, Asian Dub Foundation really are on fire when they play live !

It really was a wonderful moment that no one will ever forget !!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 21:55:05

One of the best experiences of my short life ! I still can't believe I was here, in the same (huge) room as Thom... They were really great, they played very well, it was amazing ! I've been particularly moved by "Lucky", the red red lights when Thom sang 'pull me out...' were a fucking good idea. I almost cried with bliss ! The songs from 'Hail to the Thief' created a magic atmosphere and those from 'The Bends' and 'Ok Computer' were like thunderbolts, the energy they passed on kinda made everyone explode, if you see what I mean. I could see all the hands raised and beating time from the terraces where I stood ; it was impressive.

Asian Dub Fundation was good too, maybe a bit short though ; but they definitely managed to warm up the audience. I like them, they're energetic and their music is completely original.

I live in the provinces and made all the way to Paris especially for the occasion, but it was really worth it. It was my first Radiohead concert and the first I went to Bercy ; and for a first time, it was awesome and I'm not ready to froget it. I can't wait for their next concert in France !

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 05:09:54

CIAO, this was my third concert this year after bergamo and madrid. this last show in paris/bercy was really amazing!!! the guys were in a very good mood: MAGNIFICIENT "creep", TERRIFIC "true love waits", BRILLIANT "paranoid android", FANTASTIC "wolf at the door", HYPNOTIC "the gloaming", HEAVY "myxomatosis", AMAZING "fake plastic trees", MARVELOUS "everything in its right place" ...

see ya december 4, 2003 in dublin!!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 21, 2003 08:27:41

fantastic, one of my best live with U2, SPRINGSTEEN & REM. Thom & Jonny are so great and the set list was cool. Best moment: Karma police. Thank U RADIOHEAD

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 01:47:33

just one word from the french fan i am: it was gigantesc! i've still these enormous sounds in my head... thom put an incredible energy in his songs. creep was a fucking good surprise and paranoid android was simply ... extraterrest!
that sort of evening i will remember for a long long time

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 07:37:31

What a perfect evening radiohead gave us! I'had been listenin to their songs for more than 7 years and I had never seen them live!!!

Big times :

- "You and whose army"

- "True love waits" emotional time

- "Idiotheque" and "Everything in its right place" made everybody dance

- "Creep" was unespected so a big surprise for me... i love the way thom did it... funny

- " Paranoid android" was amazing

thank you radiohead :-)

when do you come back to France???

A big thank to asian dub foundation... Very good band especially live!!!

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