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Studio X - Seattle, WA USA
September 1, 2003
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follow me around
Show Notes
Local Seattle rock radiostation KNDD 107.7 The End hosted a solo acoustic performance by Thom Yorke at their studios the day after Radiohead's performance at the White River Amphitheater.
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 14:45:14

If you go to you can hear two songs from this performance: "follow me around" and "lucky" both sound amazing! check it out!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 09, 2003 08:36:18

To Hear two songs for this show "lucky" and "Follow Me Around got to

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 12, 2003 20:11:56

Un-effing-believeable. its hard to explain how perfect thom yorke performed. i had to wake up at ungodly hours, chase down a guy on a bus, harass the angry workers of seattle, and more to get that ticket, but i wouldve done a million times more. 5 feet from thom yorkes face, sitting crosslegged in a studio watching him strum his guitar and play the piano. never in my life have i felt closer to heaven. phil, colin, ed, and johnny were awesome. phil is the funniest guy ever, and i was soo suprised at the good humor and positive attitudes of all of them. they were soooo funny, i loved it. they all looked like they were gonna drop dead though, cuz i know they havent sleeped for months.

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