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Skydome Concert Hall - Toronto, ON Canada
October 15, 2003 with Kid Koala
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The Gloaming
There There
Where I End and You Begin
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
Sail to the Moon
Kid A
Climbing up the Walls
Like Spinning Plates
Go to Sleep
Fake Plastic Trees
Sit Down, Stand Up

1st Encore:
You and Whose Army
National Anthem
A Punchup at a Wedding
How to Disappear Completely

2nd Encore:
Karma Police
Everything in its Right Place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 17:55:49

A fantastic show, the band was in great spirits and top form.

The band really displayed their might when Thom spotted a fan slumped over near the stage, right in the middle of Myxomatosis. He stopped the band on a dime, had security pull the body from the crowd to get treatment, then talked the band right back into the song at the 3rd verse. All done with surgical precision, and on a song as complex as that one, no less.

The Skydome crowd seemed sorta out of it for most of the night, but who needs them anyway. Their loss.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 18:11:46

Just in from the Radiohead concert at the Sky Dome....first thing I do is come here to
post my review. In one word: awesome!!!
My view on Radiohead is that they have evolved into a really great live act rather then a studio band. I wasn't impressed with HTTT but hearing most of the albulm live tonight has changed my mind. Obviously, the songs change when you're standing ten feet from the amps.(Yeah that's right, I was standing about six or seven feet from Ed) High decibals muffle the rockers and the sound becomes a little confusing while the softer songs come trough so much better. (maybe I was too close to judge the sound quality)In short, to really apreciate HTTT you have to hear it live!!!(at least, I did anyway)And I think the band has really let the feel of a live concert influence this album much more then the previous ones.
The pace was fast, the band didn't stop for long between songs except to tell us they met the mayor of New York and once in the middle of a song to get the paramedics to help with an OD in the front.
As usual, Tom looked like he was having seizures while dancing and Jonny stared at the floor when he would lose himself in the music. Ed spent quite a few minutes crouched down in front of his equipement and Colin stuck to the back of the stage with Phil.
So, in conclusion...I had a great time and go see them live if you want to REALLY hear HTTT!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 18:23:32

Amazing, amazing show... I was so upset when it was first canceled due to the power outage. A Wednesday night in the middle of midterms wasn't the best of rescheduled dates, but Radiohead is more important than anything :) Kid Koala was a great opening act. Radiohead themselves played a long set, heavy on the new stuff and surprisingly, on Kid A. I was a little disappointed when Street Spirit (my favourite song), No Surprises, Creep, I Will and Just weren't played.... but then other favourites like Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees, Iron Lung, Like Spinning Plates, and Paranoid Android made up for it. I think the best of the night was Fake Plastic Trees. It seemed to get everyone into it, and was sung beautifully. Thom had a lot of fun with the camera on the piano during You And Whose Army. We saw a smile and heard a *gasp* laugh :) Amazing concert! I really hope there's a another cd after HTTT so I have the chance of seeing Radiohead live again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 18:55:53

This was by far the greatest concert I have ever been to. The setlist was awesomw. The lighting was unbelievable, I have to get myself one of those lighting boardssystem for the hell of it. I was very impressed during that Myxamatosis the band had to stop to inform security that someone was having a seizure in the front row of the pit. After some momentary drama, they started as if nothing happened, That was so cool. Another high point of the show was Thom's goofing around with the little camcorder during You and Whose Army. He was making faces and playing up to the crowd during the entire song, which was hilarious. In closing, if you didn't like this show you are a f****** idiot

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 19:10:49


spinning plates was amazing.. and damn, these boys are a jukebox. during myxamatosis thom stopped the band because some kid passed out in the front row. he asked for him to be taken away and an ambulance to be called. what a good brit.

then, only 10 seconds later, he said "we'll start at ..." to the band and without hesitation everything was started into again.

other than that, it's been two years since i'd seen the boys in concert. holy christ, amensiac / kid a songs are TIGHT, and HTTF songs are surprisingly tight as well.

.. and this is why i lub the radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 19:16:40

WOW... amazing show, very slick set list, Thom dazzled... aagh AMAZING SHOW

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 19:26:07

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for rescheduling! I was very afraid that they would cancel this concert all together but they didn't and it turned out great. They played at skydome but it didn't feel like skydome because of the concert hall set up which was really quite neat. The band was great all night long and they seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as the audience. During Myxomatosis, Thom stopped the song because he saw someone pass out near the front. He told security and first aid people to go help him and when they were done he said "alright, fourth verse" and they just continued playing. It was a great night! My second time seeing them and I will never forget it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 19:50:37

i'll be pretty short on this one..

after a sweet intro from kid koala, radiohead launched the show with a sweet "the gloaming".. colin's bass rocked..

"there there" was amazing as usual..


"my iron lungs" was f**king good! jonny completed changed the guitar solo.. nice improvisation...

sweet longer version with an amazing solo from jonny..

"kid a"
thom changed the way he sings it, using a higher voice (compared to the modified voice in the album version).. really nice version..

"sit down stand up"
thom accidentally pressed the off button on the mic during the "rain drops" part..

thom stopped the song during the 3rd verse, after seeing that some dude passed out in the crowd.. he went like "this guys need to go back home!" then they marvelously continued the song with thom just saying "alright, third verse"..

"go to sleep"
amazing jonny solo..

"you and whose army"
thom played with the camera that was placed on his piano by making funny face expressions and playing with the crowd..

"punch up at a wedding"
an enkore song which started with thom dancing.. was really sweet..

for sure radiohead performed superbly.. best bands around for sure..
but i really think that this show could have been way better for these reasons :
1. the venue sucked..
2. the CROWD SUCKED!! seriously, the ppl in the general admission section were like statues. ppl in the seating area sucked too.. they were like just sitting there.. only a few were standing.. how the f**k can u SIT DOWN in a radiohead show?? they all stood up only when the band left (before the first enkore).. if everyone was dancing and partying like mad, i'm sure radiohead would have made this a F**KING MEMORABLE LAST 2003 US TOUR SHOW!!
3. did i say the crowd sucked?
4. oh yeh they sucked

the show was amazing though.. i was dancing and singing like crazy.. me and my bro were like standing in the seating area by ourselves so such a long time.. the show was around 2 hours long (radiohead playing) and damn, that was the shortest 2 hours ever!

plz send me comments at

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 20:06:08

It takes a team of Clydesdales weeks to drag me out of my little apartment to see a show, and when that is accomplished I can only hope that it is worth the strenuous effort for all involved. In this case, it took Radiohead, and it was more than worth the effort. Thank you team of Clydesdales!!!!

First off, I will state how impressed I was with the sound. Very clear for such a huge space. Somebody knows what is going on in this regard, in a very big way.

Radiohead seemed to use the first tune, The Gloaming, to scan the hall and get properly callibrated. From then on the hall was theirs. Ed and Jonny got into the thick of the groove with their own drums on the 2nd tune There There, delivering a powerful and hypnotic (and exciting!) calling card for what was to come. Can't exactly recall the set list but I will touch on my own personal highlights.

2+2=5 stoked the fire.

Spinning Plates was passionate and poignant, as was Sail to the Moon.

A genuinely concerned Thom stopped Myxomatosis around the 2nd chorus and pointed into the general admission crowd. "What's going on there? There?!!" It seems that a young fellow was having some kind of seizure?!, whatever..."eyes rolling into the back of his head" as Thom described it. He called on security and demanded that an ambulance be summoned. Quite emphatically. Made sure the guy was seen to, then he said something like "Okay, third verse...Myxomatosis" and BOOM!! The recovery cannot be understated. The song just started again like someone took the pause off a CD player. What strange and automatic power was at work here? My companion to the show said that this instant made the entire show for her. Later on Thom announced that the young man seemed to be okay. A nice eventuality, and the gesture was a testament to this genuinely concerned individual.

Everything was performed beautifully and was augmented by an intuitively kinetic lightshow. Thom's voice was so strong! His presence likewise.

There were lots of details to be appreciated. The endless shifting from instrument to instrument for most band members. Finally witnessing Jonny and Ed spending half of their time on the floor messing about with trannies and foot pedals, as I'd heard that they do. Phil being the master of subtlety in his drumming, using moments when least expected to really stand out. A calculated effect on his part I'm sure, and very effective. The effortless meshing of technology and raw spirit combined to draw everyone in. Colin was obscured from my view by a speaker, but he stood steadfast by Phil's drumkit, and demonstrated a graceful and modest ethos throughout the night.

Loved it all. I love how Thom has such charasmatic strength on stage, and I love how that strength is channelled through an Ed Grimley-esque celebration of The Creep finding his own place in the sun. To deny one's own geekiness is to partially deny what makes one beautiful.

Of course it was not a hard road for him tonight. My mate was a bit "starstruck" by his presence, even from a few hundred yards away, and when he sang "You and Whose Army?" to the camera in full-ham effect, he gestured to us as the army to back him up. A slippery sloap to tread for sure, but he played that one with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The final pre-encore tune was Sit Down. Stand Up., and Thom lost his mic cable at the start of "the raindrops" bit. In the midst of his shaman manouvres he had the presence of mind to re-attach the cable and get on with the show's climax without missing another beat. Stellar recovery!

I was struck tonight by what an accomplishment Radiohead have won over time. Most of the tunes I heard tonight should be rellegated to The Vaults of Under-Appreciated Experimental Texturing. But these lads had so many thousands of seemingly-everyday-souls enthralled tonight. I'm struck by the immensity of their accomplishment. And I've got a bit more faith in the fact that it's okay to venture beyond my doorstep, that more people than you could expect will understand.

The only tune I craved for that I didn't get to hear was "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box". However, I knew it wouldn't happen. Blah blah...

I love that the Radiohead show I saw was all about the music, the sonic textures and the vibe, with very few frills attached. Just two wee video screens that gave you a bit more of a hint as to the intimate workings of a genuinely inimitable band, a group of individuals who were like strange gods on-stage tonight, at least enough so to create the illusion of this.

Appropriately, the last tune of the night was "Everything In Its Right Place". Thank you one and all for tonight.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 21:43:49

First, let me get this out of the way: I swore off big venues 21 years ago after seeing the clash at the old CNE stadium. All credit to radiohead for being the only band since 1982 to make me break my vow, but I've gotta say: the venue sucked. I seethed with envy and self-recrimination as I watched the sea of people on the floor. From my seat - and ten thousand worse than mine - it was just not possible to feel immersed in this show. Not loud enough, especially the quiet ones (if you can dig the paradox).

But what about the band? Well... I think I've read 80% of the reviews here on this tour, and scarcely a single negative word has appeared. I'm sorry to have to differ. It was the setlist that left me a bit dissatisfied. I'd noticed that they've been alternating between two basic frameworks, each one allowing for its own variations. One of the sets looks great on paper, and the other one doesn't look quite so great. Toronto got the second one, and it's got a bit of a problem: the middle sags. The piano rolled out too often (for my taste anyway), the bpm rate dropped, etc. Up in the 20th row the result was a noticeable dissipation of energy.

So I wasn't won over by this set - the dynamic, the flow, didn't quite work for me. BUT, that said - everything they played, they played fantastically. Thom's voice redeemed even that mid-set sag: unbelievably strong and pure. And the band nailed every last note with a beautiful blend of ease and authority. On the performance level my only quibble was that Idioteque seemed too fast - a bit rushed (one of my absolute faves - maybe I'm being hyperexpectant here). Highlight had to be Fake Plastic Trees, which was just awesome.

But hey, don't listen to me. Crowd loved the show. GO! But get as close as you can and cross yr fingers that you get something like "I Might be wrong" in mid set to shake things up.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 23:45:58

yeah baby first post. what a magical evening. long 23-song set including heavy HTTT content, a rare Fake Plastic treat and a dose of Idioteque I don't think anyone will forget. couldn't have asked for more, or better people to share it with. THOM IS INSANE what a great mood he was in tonight, spanking his ass and playing around, this guy was just feeding off the crowd. hey what about that crazy Go To Sleep guitar solo by Thom??? Radiohead guitar solo?? btw, annie thanks for holding my pee. hey TJ way to puke buddy GO STUBERT

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 02:42:55

Radiohead at the Skydome? Who would of thunk it?

A great effort from the boys from Oxford. What wonders though, how do you stimulate a crowd of 18,000+, who have been waiting in anticipation for a show that has been delayed for 2 months now. Is opening up with "The Gloaming" the best call? What about donating half of your set to new material? The answer my friends......... WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!!!!

As the lights faded and the crowd roared, this radiohead fan was expecting something marvelous, something spectacular, something extraordindary. I mean, for peats sake, the show was postponed due to infinite darkness, and we were the bands last North American stop! The 2 hour show had its highlights. There There, 2+2=5, Sit Down Stand Up, Go to Sleep, Where I End and You Begin, How to Disappear Completely, Kid A, My Iron Lung and You and Whose Army were all brilliant. We were also treated to some suprises like Fake Plastic Trees, Karma Police and Like Spinning Plates. Energy was not in large demand, as Thom's sparatic stomp dancing and Johnny's ferocious strumming combined to offer the crowd a splendid and rememerable evening. I have read countless reviews detailing the songs that were missed, and the tunes that didn't fit. Not only am i sick of reading such things, but question what the expectations are when going to see Radiohead. They don't and probably never will never release a Greatist Hits Package,so if you're expectations solely depend on the band playing Creep, please stay home. Not to say that I don't have my favorites, I really do, but the excitement to me lies in the fact that I have spent $68.50 to see something that I have never seen before. Consequently, Radiohead did deliver the unexpected last evening. Those who expected to hear Exit Music, Just and Lucky, may have been disappointed by the bands effort. However, it is the opinion of this beer guzzling fuck from Toronto, that the Radiohead show that I witnessed, was the best that I have seen yet. Thanks guys, I hope to see you soon!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 03:06:48

Well, I never thought I could be so close to Gods in my life. The concert was, as usual, amazing. I'm not going to go into too much depth, but Fake Plastic Trees, surprisingly was the best part of the whole concert. Personally, I loved hearing the new stuff, but seeing somewhere around 16,000 singing to the song was uplifting. Other highlights were LIKE SPINNING PLATES, same version as i might be wrong. I wanted to hear it soooo bad, and I did!!!

It was pretty damned humbling to see them stop in the middle of myxamatosis (spelling) because someone fainted. Also, to see them start-up exactly where they stopped was amazing. AMAZING! Hopefully, they can come back in two years so i will be able to say i've seen two radiohead shows by the time i was 17.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 03:20:43

This is my third time seeing the worlds greatest band and the were ready to impress!
Seeing Tom in such a great mood dancing all over for most of the show and with the T.O. audience enthusiastically supporting them it was a night to remember. Playing virtually everything from HTTT and just a few oldies the show certainly could have been extended a few more hours and no one would have left.
Awesome sound and the best value added light show contemplated the night. The boys have turned into quite the slick touring machine and seem very comfortable in their skin. Wierd how all the angst has seemed to disappear while not taking away from the performance...if anything enhancing it. Awesome

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 03:58:33

Once again Radiohead has come and gone, leaving behind them an audience blown away by their performance, and enchanted by every note. The music was amazing, the energy was incredible. But one of the best parts of the show happened during Myxomatosis. It was halfway through the song, Thom was dancing and jerking around, Jonny was flailing on some keyboard, Ed, colin, and Phil were all just feeling the music. The song was reaching its climax, the crowd was swaying and dancing. Then all of a sudden Thom stopped, stood on the edge of the stage and yelled "Stop!,stop!,stop! The band stopped playing, and from my vantage point all i could see was Johhny staring down to the crowd beneath him with his hand covering his mouth in horror. Thom started asking for security, and for somebody to call an ambulance. His exact words were: "Stop, stop stop! Some guy has just had a fit and passed out. Security get that guy out of their, somebody call the ambulance!" Then a limp body came out of the crowd passed over the heads of the people in the audience. And for the first time in a long time the impossible happened. There was somebody crowd surfing at a Radiohead concert. The limp body was carried out, and the band and crowd all applauded. Then Thom yelled "Same song, third verse, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR! And the band exploded back into the song on the exact same word that they had stopped on. It was all over before any of us knew what really happened. The amazing thing was not the fact that the band started as if nothing had happened. It was the fact that a band stopped a performance to help a complete stranger out, and for one brief moment twenty five thousand people and a band were literarly connected in fear for another human being. It was truly special. The energy that was created from that moment carried over into the rest of the show. And Radiohead left a crowd completely drained of all emotion. The most emotional moments were when the song "How To Dissapear Completely" was played. The lighting on the stage was dim, and even though it was a typical Canadian cold October night outside. The inside of the Skydome was lit with the warmth of over ten thousand lighters, dancing like stars in a sky. The second truly special time was after the song Karma Police. The music was over,the crowd was at a fever pitch, and Thom stood ont he edge of the stage, and sang alone, with no instruments, the last few words of the song. Over twenty thousand voices belted out the immortal anthem. The final moment was during "You And Whose Army?" a camera was attached to Thom's piano. And all the way through the song he was making faces, playing games, flailing his arms, and pressing his face against it. He even stood up a couple of times to direct the cheering that would ensue as a result of his behaviour. And so now it is the next morning.I am sitting in class typing this to you all with the grin from last night still attached to my face. Last night i was witness to a concert that exeeded every expectation i had. I heard and saw the songs being played that provide the soundtrack to my life. I owe a thankyou to Radiohead from the deepest piece of my soul. Thankou to them for giving themselves to us lat night, whether they knew it or not. Keep the music coming, and if you havent seen a Radiohead show, you wll be destined to live in a cave forever.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 04:44:27

An excellent show at the Skytent (a shortened version of the Skydome) even though I missed Kid Koala. :( Radiohead played quite a few numbers from HTTT, and although many didn't quite translate (sit down, stand up, backdrifts, the gloaming) some of them worked really well (there there, a punch up at the wedding, 2+2=5). The best tunes were probably the quiet ones (sail to the moon, fake plastic trees) because the sound at the SkyTent wasn't the greatest during the loud numbers. The most memorable night of the evening was in the middle of Myxomatosis, Thom stopped the song half way through because some kid passed out in the pits. "Get Security, and get this kid an ambulance" he said. After paramedics dragged his limp body out of the pit, Thom says "3rd verse - My thoughts are misguided" and without missing a beat, they all started up perfectly right in the middle of that crazy song! (the kid was allright btw) Although nothing will top the 2001 show at Molson Park (pure magic) it's still Radiohead, and they're still the greatest band on the planet.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 07:26:08

I just saw radiohead last night, and I was stunned. The whole concert blew me away. They played two encores after numerous new and old songs. The highlight of the night had to be Karma Police, as everyone in the audience sang the lines "for a minute there I lost myself" with Thom, after the music had stopped. The night was overwhelming, and I will now die a happy man because I have seen Radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 07:31:08

What can I say about last night?
Well to start is was one of the most high energy show I have ever seen. They played alot of the harder stuff and alot from the new album. But everything sounded great. Getting to hear Kid A and Like Spining Plates live was a rare treat. And when Thom stoped the show to point out some kid in the front row who was freking out on goof-balls duing Myxomatosis they picked it up a second later with out missing a beat. They were tight as hell. It was well worth the wait. SEE THIS TOUR!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 07:35:25

This was my second Radiohead show, and I was once again thoroughly impressed! Radiohead's professionalism was shown to me when, after having had to stop mid song during Myxomatosis, they literally all picked up EXACTLY where they left off; all on the same beat and note. (They stopped because Thom spotted a crowd member who had passed out, so he asked security to get an ambulance. Quite nice of him to do so, really) Their artistic qualities were of course evident, as always. Great light shows, random sound bytes being played, like the weather forcast for instance. At the end of the show, in huge red letters going across the huge light sceen, the word "FOREVER" kept rolling. Radiohead never fails to amaze me with their symphonic arrangements. Unfortuantely, the SkyDome isn't the best venue when concerning sound quality. The acoustics of the building didn't do the band justice. However, I'm not one to complain. The moving qualities of their sounds more than makes up for anything that the SkyDome lacked. One more interesting thing was when Thom was crouched over his piano during "You and Who's Army" and he was singing with his face inches from a camera. So, over the two jumbo screens, he was teasing the audience with his hilarious facial expressions. He would raise his eyebrows, or go out of view for a moment only to once again get so close you could see every detail of his face. I would encourage those who enjoy Radiohead to go to their concerts whenever they can. It is, for me personally anyway, the best band to see live, and of course, Readiohead never dissappoints.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 07:48:51

wow...the boys never cease to amaze me. it was my third radiohead show and their intensity and absolute musical perfection still surprises me. couldn't wipe the huge smile from my face for the entire show. they jumped right into a few tracks from httt and then really got the crowd going with my iron lung. so excited to hear climbing up the walls. and the way the entire band picked up at the exact same point in myxamatosis after stopping suddenly (so thom could save a fainting fan!) blew me away. couldn't have ended better with everything in it's right place. hail to truly are thieves.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 08:01:50

Wow, what an amazing show. To say the least. The new stage setup is killer.
There was a sound problem at one point on Ed's guitar creating feedback hum for two songs, but besides that, the sound was amazing. Setlist was good, including some really good tunes...climbing up the walls, like spinning plates and fake plastic trees.
Those songs without a doubt blew my away just to hear live. At one point near the end of Myxamatosis, Thom stopped the band from playing and told security to get some dude out of the front of the pit, I believe Thom's exact words were " Stop. STOP...get security over here...this guy has just gone limp...". Weird thing to see at a radiohead show. Then jumped back into the song perfectly and play a great set.
Later on he mention that the guy was okay.
All in All, I have seen radiohead numerous times and that was without a doubt one the best shows I have seen, next to the Kid A tour (which I personally LOVED) and the small feedback problem.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 08:08:47

The SkyDome sounds like ass. I felt sorry for Radiohead. It was cool for Thom stopped the show for that kid who passed out. It was cooler that they picked up RIGHT where they left off.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 08:40:14

A long time fan, this was my first Radiohead show and I was not disappointed. Here come the cliche's: a)the songs were much more exciting and 'deeper'live, b)the lights were amazing, and c)they sound fantastic, Thom Yorke's voice was amazing. And now the special things about the show ...
I was very impressed by the band's tightness and the way they explored their music. I always wondered how the members could put so much trust into Yorke's direction for the band but a highlight of the show was watching Phil Selway standing in the back and bopping away during "Backdrafts" to a drum machine. To me, it seemed that the trust payed off and they were growing as artists and truly having fun with their music. It was exciting to see each member change instrument and machine, and the best of this was seen at the climatic ending of "Ideoteque" when the drum machine was replaced by Phil's live drumming and each member began to explore some incredible sounds on their own personel programming device while the lights but us close to seizures and Thom danced wildly. For the first time, this fan actually liked "Ideoteque".
"You and Whose Army?" was another great moment for me as Thom Yorke sang into the large screen camera, making faces of bravado and raised eyebrow cheekiness; he truly looked like he was having fun haming it up for the fans.
I didn't realize that Ed O'Brien had such a great voice, he could truly hit some highs and lows and contribute to some effective harmonies -- let me tell you know that if a solo album should ever emerge from the band, it will be Ed's.
The highlight for many fans had to be "Myxamatosis", The song sounded great, but the special moment occured during one of Thom's whirling dervishes when he told his bandmates to "Stop, stop!", obediently they did. Thom then pointed to a spot in the audience and said, "That guy has just had a fit. Someone help him." Yorke had a serious look as he gazed into the auidence and began to call security "Security!" he said "His eyes rolled back, security, get him and get him to an ambulance." A young man was lifted to the front by the crowd and was removed by a large security worker. Once safely away, Thom gave the cue, and the song began in equal force and the dancing continued. It was exciting to see that Thom was aware of all his fans, even 7 or 8 people deep, shattering alot of the presses cold commentary of Radiohead. It was a kind gesture and showed me that they are really excited to play for us; hey, who knows, maybe his life was saved by that gesture?!?! A little latter Thom told the audience that "Our friends O.K., he's sitting up there." It was a nice closing gesture that confirmed to me that Radiohead are more than just a great band.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 09:21:22

Excellent show just a bad venue. If only the Skydome didn't feel like a giant cave. I'm sure being in the pit was a much better experience than sitting in the noise bleeds where I was. The sound was awesome though. Night opened with The Gloaming and went from there, There, There that is. Amazing song live. Highlight for me was definitely In Limbo and Climbing Up The Walls. A little disappointed that there were only 2 encores and no sign of Street Spirit but Fake Plastic Trees made up for that. Come back to Toronto soon guys and play a real concert hall!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 11:44:51

The show in Toronto last night was phenomenal. Kid Koala painted a soundscape that I didn't think possible from beat juggling. One could not help but be swept up and carried off as he moved back and forth between three turntables scratching out a sort of sci-fi odyssey to the amazement of many in the crowd. My biggest regret was that we were not in a smaller venue where people could have moved more to the music and interacted more with one another.

When Radiohead took the stage the building erupted. The group themselves were explosive and Yorke seemed to be a man posessed as he danced and contorted in a fit of near madness across the stage. Radiohead interacted a lot with the crowd and even stopped the show halfway through Myxamatosis to draw the attention of security to a man in the audience who passed out during the show (possibly a reaction to "something he took" as Yorke pointed out). Radiohead played a full set (including two encores) that covered material from the past five albums. The night was extremely special.

Only two complaints. The sound in the Skydome was exceptionally bad. There were times that I could not even recognize Yorke's voice. I guess I shouldn't dwell on this point too much though as the Skydome is a sports venue and not a concert hall (acoustics are certainly not its strong point).

The second complaint was the crowd. While I can only speak for myself based on what I saw from those standing around me (I was on the floor, about 15-20 metres from the stage), people didn't seem to be nearly as into the show as I thought they would have been. I wanted to move as much as possible to the music and a lot of people seemed as though they were not making any connection with what was happening on stage. I almost felt sorry for the band that all of their efforts on stage did not draw the crowd in more. This was certainly no shortcoming on the part of Radiohead. Then again, I am probably generalizing far too much about the crowd.

The night was electrifying. Thanks to Kid Koala and Radiohead for a most memorable experience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 12:03:59

Well, what can I say? I have heard awful things about the Skydome concerts and how the sound is always terrible. So going to the show, I was expecting an echoed show with very high acoustics and very little feeling what so ever.

Wow, was I ever wrong! Radiohead hit the stage and immediately broke into one of the best sounding live songs I've ever heard (The Gloaming). It was the perfect volume, and the most encompassing opening song I've ever heard.

From there they played another 3-4 songs from their new album (There There, 2+2=5, etc...). Then they broke into a mind blowing "Fake Plastic Trees" which had the entire crowd on their feet, in absolute awe.

About a third the way through, Thom Yorke stopped the show, because aparently there was a kid in the crowd who had passed out, "STOP STOP! This guy's eyes have rolled back into his head...Get him an ambulance!" And then they went on with the show, actually starting again at the third verse. Most artists wouldn't care at all about some kid in the moss-pit.

The show felt like hours, but leaving the venue, I realized I was in there for about an hour, and had seen some of the most powerful displays of music Toronto has seen in years!


Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 13:34:18

having chosen to go to the closer montreal show back in august, it was strange when the whole blackout thing happened. the montreal show, as all who attended was marvelous. about a month after that show, they released more tickets and i quickly snatched some for me and my friend(who also came to montreal). the 5 hour bus-ride from ottawa to toronto meant skipping my photography classes for the day, which was well worth it. i get to toronto, meet my friend, hang out in the dorms at st.micheals for a while listening to jazz. when the time finally comes around i look at my tickets and find that they are not the GA tickets which i thought i had bought, but merely seats that were at the far left, meaning it would have been impossible to see hardly anything. after trying to plot my way down to the floor i gave up and we simply moved to some available seats. we sat there with no trouble watching kid koala's set, which was quite fun. some samples he used were familiar such as the cure's close to me and something from a deltron 3030 song. so we sit and wait for radiohead to come on, listening to the same music they had on in montreal, the Reggae one, not sure the artist, but it was pretty good. Thom and the boys came out. the setlist was mostly newer stuff and it was very enjoyable, just like in montreal. my favourites were green plastic trees and karma police. they had the same stage as in montreal, with the camera mounted on the piano. theres nothing better than tohm taunting the crowd while crooning out you and whose army. there was a guy right up front who passed out or something and thom stopped right in the middle of a song and got him out of there. he kept the crowd updated saying "i hope it wasn't something he took" and "hes sitting up now". anyway, the show was amazing, as was to be expected. i bought a couple of posters, which i usually would never do. after the show i had a 5 hour bus ride to look forward to and i got home around 6:30 am and called my friend to say i made it back in one piece. and asleep i went, a very happy boy.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 14:50:33

Unfortunately the skydome remains one of the all time crappiest places to perform with any decent sense of atmosphere.(Vocals too bright and volume too low) Having seen Radiohead from their tour of 'pablo honey' to present , the one thing you can count on is a sense of helplessness. Radiohead always seem to guarantee a unrelenting invasion of your senses and to say the least, as close as you will get to a religious experience(if at all possible). This show did not violate me as I had anticipated.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 15:55:09

too many times i found myself in a state of awe.....trapped in a world of crazy timing and powerful voices. THEY WERE FANTASTIC!
being so close to the stage, and being able to actually SEE the band was the best experience! unlike how others may have percieved it, i dont think a radiohead show is the place for general admission areas to go nuts. they're the type of band that you just want to take in every minute of their shows. i loved every minute of it! and although there was a strong influence of kid a and httt they did a great job of including all time favorites! just like 2 years ago, idiotque's fantastic play with lighting stole the show for me! fantastic job boys!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 16:24:31

Well there was nothing wrong with this show, but a combination of many factors made the this show lack a certain something. Firstly, Skydome is one of the worst venues in Toronto possible for a concert although I was impressed by the setup they managed to create. Secondly, the crowd (at least from my perspective) was awful. It seemed like all the energy that the band produced was not being reciprocated by the crowd. The past two times Radiohead have been in Toronto (ACC & Molson Park) the crowd seemed fantastic. This crowd almost seemed bored. I attributed this lack of energy to the two "non rocking" songs that started the show (Gloaming & There There), but then I was mistaken because the crowd didn't seem much more into it even after the incredible 2+2=5 (I was mid-floor, so I'm not sure what it was like closer). Thirdly, I felt the band wasn't into it that much. Maybe I'm wrong but for some reason I got that impression.

I thoroughly enjoy HTTT but I think 1 or 2 of the eleven songs from it played could have been spared (namingly Scatterbrain). While Pablo Honey isn't their strongest album, it would not have compromised the quality of the show if songs like Stop Whispering or Lurgee were included. There wasn't much off the Bends which is fine by me. We got to hear Paranoid and Karma from OK Comp, once again - songs like Airbag, Subterranean, Exit Music, Lucky, etc. would only have enhanced the show. Five songs were played from Kid A which is great because that album is fantastic. Like Spinning Plates from Amnesiac got an appearance and could not have been better - probably the highlight of the show for me.

All in all the show was very good. Everything In Its Right Place was a perfect way to end the show (The Tourist being the only song that could have top'd it). I decided only to show my criticism since most of the compliments have already been said in other reviews. Radiohead are an excellent live band, and I would not hesitate seeing them again. This show just suffered a tiny bit but they factors outside of Radiohead's control.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 16:27:30

Borrice I'm second, the solo was by jonny, but I think you knew that. What can I say, I am stunned yet again. this is my third time seeing radiohead, and for the most part they have covered pretty well everything I have wanted to hear in those three shows(well not quite everything). That being said I love HTTT, and I love it even more live. Ya they played alot of it, but that's what I wanted to hear, alot of Kid a too which made me very happy boy. No spaceships from mars though(inside joke). That being said I wanted to hear exit music tonight(hear it other two times though). Thom was in a chipper mood, always nice to see. The band was dead on, oh and I forgot, I pretty much had the best seats you could have(like 5 feet away from Thom). I had never been that close at a Radiohead shoew and while the lights aren't as good when your that close the music is way better so it was obviously worth it(couldn't believe how crisp Thoms lyrics were).It didn't matter wahat the venue was like(skydome not the best) cause I didn't look back. Some Highlights: The Gloaming is a geat opener, set the mood for the rest of the night. 2+2=5 is maybe my favorite song live ever, so powerfull and intense, gives me shivers. Backdrifts was preformed incredible, way better than at field day, same with Kid a, I love the song, but I have never heard it sound like that before, amazing. My Iron lung, one of my favorites of the bends, didn't think I would ever see it live, but I did. Parnoid Android, amazing song. Go to sleep, Jonny's guitar solo: Hendrix style space tricks, how does a guitar make those noises? Idioteque is a song that me and my friends hold dear to our heart, and it didn't disapoint. Fake Plastic trees was just incredible. Sit Down Stand Up,was positioned in the set at the best time just before the encore, awesome. Encore 1 was great, punch up was impressive. Encore 2 just left me stunned. Anyways the whole show was basically a highlight. A night I won't forget anytime soon ,thank you Radiohead. Stubert 4 life.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 16:36:46

I was so delightly surprised to hear 'Like Spinning Plates' and 'Kid A' live. Those two songs live are, as we all now, quite different, and a lot more beautiful than the album versions.

The "Kid A" material were surprisingly the most enjoyable with highlights such as 'The National Anthem', 'Idioteque', and the closer 'Everything In It's Right Place'

Next time I see them, i'm definately trying to get floor seats.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 16:50:52

I'll start off by saying that seeing this show was one of the greatest moments of my life and I'd like Radiohead for existing.

Seeing this show seemed to be blocked by obstacles. As we all know, the August blackout ruined the original show. As for last night, me and 2 other friends managed to get lost in Toronto. But we managed to make it. We missed "The Gloaming", but entered during "There, There".

As my friends and I walked down the stairs to the stage area, I began to enter a trance that I would not break out of for the next 2 hours. They began the set with 3-4 songs of their latest album, then playing "My Iron Lung" as the first old tune. Shortly after this, during the fantastic "Myxamatosis", Thom began to yell, "STOP! STOP! There's a kid who's had a fit and he's passed out. He's eyes have rolled back! Get some help...get an ambulance, and get him out of here". The security came and got the kid of the crowd, and like nothing happened, Thom told the band where to start. With a 1-2-3-4 they started right where they left off with absolute perfection. It was truly a magic moment.

The other highlights of the show for me were "Idioteque" and "Fake Plastic Trees" being played back to back...these are my 2 favourite Radiohead songs. During "Fake Plastic Trees", it clicked that it was living one of the greatest nights of my life. During "You And Whose Army", Thom played with the audience by singing straight into the camera on the piano. "Karma Police" had the most audience participation with pretty much everyone singing "Phew for a minute there, I lost myself" was another one of those magic moments.

After the final distorted sounds of "Everything In It's Right Place" had faded, the show was over. I finally broke out of the trance I had been in, only to realize, along with the close friends I attended the concert with, that we had just witnessed one of the most amazing things we had ever seen. I still haven't fully absorbed it. All I can do is thank Radiohead for exisiting!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 17:08:52

OH man, first concert I've ever gone to. It blew my mind. Totally killer. Toms was on a rrole that night. Like Spinning Plates was so perfect. They could have played every song and I still would have been on the edge of my seat saying to myself play another song PLEASE. Although they didn't play A Wolf At the Door and I Will, I still loved the show. I hope they come to canada again soon, I'll be the first one with tickets.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 17:29:26

an absolutely amazing show. There there was so beatiful. And Fake Plastic Trees, I just cried like a child. Radiohead amazed me at how tight they are live. They rocked very hard, very strong, they redefined ell the songs from httf live. thom had charisma pouring out of his pores and sang incredibly, and johnny guitar playing is the most elusive beutiful original thing I have heard in modern rock. The sound was excellent, loud but pure, although when the band went berserk on some songs it saturated. The place sucked so badly. I felt like i was five kilometres away from the band, and there was no spirit in the people. And besides when it all ended they inmediately put this reggae music, I mean, after radiohead, like Hamlet said, the rest is silence. I think someone summoned the myxomatosis episode perfectly: they made everyone feel geninuosly concerned on the fate of that guy. I wasn't amazed at how they restarted the song, theyre pro musicians after all, any band can do that. Kid Koala was very very good. but there isnt a thing out there like radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 18:49:07

Yeah this show was pretty good.. There isn't much that I can add, all these reviews have been very good.. One thing I will complain about, is the venue did suck. From where I was (nosebleeds), it was hard to make out the band visually (i've never been this far away before), and the sound wasn't jiving me the right way.. The vocals were very clear, which is fortunate. Thom's singing was amazing. I don't think he missed any notes at all.. Compared to studio recordings, I'd say he sounds even better live. It could have been because of my distance, but the guitars didn't really fit in the mix as good as other shows I've seen.

On the other hand, the playing of the instruments was great. Thom's piano playing impressed me very much. Very complex parts in sail to the moon, and like spinning plates.. I think it's safe to say he is the most talented member in the band.. I think I heard Johnny doing some guitar and piano improv at some points and I wasn't too impressed with that.. But I shouldn't complain, and make this show sound like it was something less than great.

M V M:
Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 07:14:39

WEll i started listening to radiohead when the bends came out i was about 10 years old i must say i have been an avid supporter ever since. The Skydome was rocked. It was the best concert i will probibly ever see! until i see them again of corse.I truly Idolized Thom and of corse Johnny, Ed, Phil and Colin. They did not play my 2 favorite song "subbterrainian Homesick Alien" or "Pyrimid Song" and that shows how good they are. they could make probibly 4 25 song sets and they would all be equally incredible. This was my firdt radiohead concert and i friggan loved it. The best songs of that night were "My Iron Lung" , "Like Spinning Plates" and "Sail to the Moon"..... to be completly honest every song was amazing and im too lazy to write them all in. there finisher "Everything is In The Right Place" could not be said any better a perfect finisher for an outstanding show. in some ways radiohead is like a cult every album they release they get more and more core fans. i got all my buddies into radiohead and they are all hardcore supporters. although this is not much of a review i had to pay tribute to the greatest band in the world.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 07:44:03

While my friends and I were waiting for the doors to open, I look through the door windows and who do I see? Phil Selway, thats who! I jumped up and freaked out, he was with someone on one of those little cars that you can ride around in so you don't have to walk through the arena I was like “You guys did you see him!?!?” There like “what are you talking about!?” I'm like “Phil Selway!!! TELL ME YOU SAW HIM TO BEFORE YOU GUYS SAY I'M SEEING THINGS!!!!!!” Then there like, “We didn't see him Mandi.” I'm like damnit! Then all of a sudden, this guy we were talking to eariler says, “I thought that was him, but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure, but then I heard you say you saw him, so it was him.” I had a witness this time! I was so happy! So yeah, I did see Phil Selway up close and in the flesh, it's not much of a story, but it's my story and it happened.

Around 7:30pm, Kid Koala comes on. He’s a super good DJ, I enjoyed it very much. He did this awesome cut with Bjorks, Bachelorette, and another bloody fantastic cut with Radioheads, Fitter Happier. It was awesome. He did about a 45 minute set. Then for a third time, the anticipation started for the concert that I had been waiting to see since May.

At 8:30pm, Radiohead took the stage. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I couldn't believe I was there, and that it was happening. Which got me thinking “I'm not here, this isn't happening.” They opened with “The Gloaming” It was fucking awesome. Thom seemed in a good mood, he wouldn't stop dancing at all, and at one point he spanked its butt. HE MUST HAVE KNOW I WAS IN THE ARENA. Anyway, lol, during Myxomatosis, after the second verse, Thom tells the band to stop and then goes to the edge of the stage. He starts pointing down in the pit area and says “What's going on here, he seems to have had a fit and passed out, call security, call an ambulance, and get him out of the building.” The security guards picked up this kid like he was a rag doll, he was totally out of it. It was a good thing that he was paying attention or who knows how long that kid would have been unconscious. Shortly after Thom says “Alright pick it up from the third verse.” Then Jonny, Ed, Phil, and Colin, start right on target and Thom sings, “My thoughts are misguided and a little naive, I twitch and I salivate like with myxomatosis, you should put me in a home or you should put me down, I got myxomatosis I got myxomatosis.” It was so awesome. Ive never been so excited in my life. I want to do it again, and soon!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 07:52:45

Having lawn seats for the origional show I was hoping for general admission for this one, no such luck. I wasn't at the very back of the 200 level, but it wasn't far. The back being the row directly behind me. So it started off with bad seats at the worst venue, not a great way to start. Then we had the music playing while we waited for Kid Koala to start the night, if they played that damn album one more time I would have lost it, what the hell was that? It wasn't even good ragge. Kid Koala came out and the crowd cheered, he was awesome. Now on to Radiohead, the lights dimmed and you caught flashes of the band through all the camera flashes going off. Right into The Gloaming, I personally thought it was a pretty cool way to start off. The crowd did kinda suck but there's not much you can do at the skydome. I was hoping for more out of the people in gerneral admission, but it is toronto, every concert is usually like that. I guess wer're a little too laid back. The backdrop was too cool, I loved the setlist. My personal highlights were, Go to Sleep, Paranoid Android and You, Whose Army and Karma Police. All 'n All the show kicked ass, one of the best concerts i've seen yet, unfortunately at the worst venue. Hey, did anyone else go home after and eat a whole box of kraft dinner and consider eating a second one?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 08:44:57

the show was amazing, this is my second time seeing them, paranoid android...i'm speechless, fakeplastictrees...another speechless moment. I wish they would have played exit, no suprises, i will, wolf, or street spirit...but nonetheless...they put on a wicked performance

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 09:03:00

The music was absolutely fantastic. The setlist was very heavy on material from Hail to the Theif, an album which I did not really care for, no matter how hard I wanted to. However, the songs were worlds apart from their album counterparts... this CD MUST be heard live to be able to appreciate it.

My only big complaint about the concert was the crowd. I was hoping to get onto the floor at some point, but after watching them simply standing there for the whole concert, I changed my mind. Even at the most intense moments there was very little movement. Depressing.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 09:18:47

Yet again, Radiohead pulled out a superb show. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about the band itself, but the Toronto fans are weak as shit. Opening with the Gloaming almost seemed surreal and was very intense but it was bothering to me that the entire second tier of the Skydome was sitting down!!! What the hell is your problem?!!!! One of the best live bands ever and you sit on your ass, what's the deal? Get up, the band how much you love the music. But other then the crowd, the show was fantastic. Highlights were definately C.U.T.W., Fake Plastic, and How to Disappear Completely. But everything was so tight and you can definatelt tell they are loving playing together right now. I can't wait to hear the European tour because they are definately on their game now and I'm loving it!!!

Overall rating of the show: A (doesn't get a A+ just because of the "so called" fans in the secong tier)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 12:23:21

Hey all -
I could repeat what everyone's already said about this show because I definitely agree with it(except for didn't deserve to be there), but I'll try not to. The show of course ROCKED. Thom's prescence is the literal sense. It is amazing to watch a frontman like that, who doesn't resort to slutty clothes or sexual references or any of that shit, and still soaks up the spotlight. (the slutty clothes and sexual references were relating to people like...well I don't want to name anyone...but "Hair Bands" as Thom calls them). Anyway, I was FRONT row (yes, on the railing) directly in front of The Amazing Johnny Greenwood. I spent the entire evening gazing at one of the most creative musicians of the 20th century (Johnny), and one of the best songwriters and most intriguing people of that same time period (Thom). I hated to find myself making Thom and Johnny the stars...I love the whole band....but these two are absolutely stellar to watch ---- mind you I would have been perfectly happy watching Phil had there not been a floor monitor in the way.
Anyway, the only other thing I have to say is that I am proud to say that I am on of the few people.....and by few I mean the few people per concert :)....that has made contact with Thom Yorke. Right before "How to Disappear", I was the one that shouted "GO THOM!"....and Thom responded by looking down and smiling at me. It was an amazing experience. The only regret I have about it is that Johnny was creating beautiful music on his Ondes-Martenot, and I managed to put Thom in the spotlight anyway. So, I followed that with a "JOHNNY WE LOVE YOU" -- didn't quite have the same effect though unfortunately. Anyway, the concert Rocked. And I think one of my favourite moments (off the top of my head) was Climbing up the Walls. And, Thank you Radiohead, wherever you are. I love you.
Chris Lyons.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 16:44:57

frankly i was embarrased about the whole affair. we split out of buffalo, made toronto in an hour and didn't eat along the way. we parked, i drank three beers in 30 minutes, ate some overpriced crap at planet hollywood and ran to the show. it was my first radiohead show, i was real excited so so (forgeting about the three beers) i got real jacked up , had a spell and keeled over trying to get out of the superhot concert hall during sit down, stand up. i later found out that this occasionally happens to rock and rollers at concerts, and that one fella even wished "that he could bottle it and sell it." now i don't recommend this for reasons i won't get into, but this part is true because during this swoon i went to the most beautiful place and heard radiohead playing in my head. again, i'm in no hurry to do this again but it was great, especially because "sail to the moon" was coming in so clear (i was outside at the time and unable to actually hear the show). they were indeed the perfect soundtrack to my overheated brain's fever hullicination / space out. then i heard my pal and some cops trying to wake me up and i snapped to, declined medical and police assistance, and sat out in the hallway vibing to the rest of the show, and then shagging ass back to my car and sweet sleep. all told i missed "you and who's army" and part of "the national anthem." in spite of this the show was brilliant and i can guarantee that i'll be seeing them in the future (sans episode). unlike even the best u2 shows i've been to this radiohead show gave me (and certainly the folks around me) that feeling that anything was possible, and i thought that the band did not disappoint. in spite of the lousy venue (cramped seats, ungodly climate control, etc), thanks to this show i am now convinced that radiohead is clearly the best band in the world at this moment.... spells be damned.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 17:07:13

Hey everyone:

The Radiohead concert at Skydome was simply astonishing in the sense that the music and energy from the band were absolutely memorable. However the crowd absolutely blew. I was amazed at all the people in general admission just standing there and not even moving. But I can look beyond that and reflect on the bands unique set list, and Jonny's amazing riffs. As for those fans the other night, your loss the music is lost on you

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 20:00:50

My first Radiohead concert, and all I could think of was...BRILLIANT.

For the first hour, I had the biggest grin on my face, and one though kept passing through my head (to the beat of the Gloaming)..."I'm SEEING Radiohead LIVE!!!"

Finally, when the smiling stopped, and my face muscles had grown numb, it dawned on me just how great Radiohead truly is. And on the back of my ticket I managed to jot down the set list, as well as a few key moments that I'll never forget.

It all started off quite dark, then the opening to The Gloaming came on as Thom slowly came into view. It was an amazing opener, as it had this amazing mysterious and creepy affect going with it.

Next, There There. They set up drums to be played, with Thom in the middle. It was played extremely well.

Then, the song I was waiting for, 2+2=5. Now, though I have never seen a Beatles concert live (I have seen the many clips of them though) I couldn't help but think of Paul or John, as I saw Thom shaking his head rapidly to the music.

Next up was Where I End and You Begin which was extemely well played, a totally solid performance on this song.

This passed onto another HttT track, Backdrifts, where Johnny played a wild guitar with some mad whails and great riffs. It was somewhat sloppy and adlibbed (quite similar to something Jack White would do) but it still sounded great. I was so impresed.

Next was My Iron Lung, which had some great effects going along with the guitar, but Thom's voice was a bit off.

Then Myxomatosis came. That was one of their best songs that night. Thom had this really mumbling, B-Rated Horror movie thing going on his voice, which was pretty funny. The lights were insane, and so was Thom's dancing. Around the 3rd verse, Thom suddenly says "Stop, stop stop!" to the band, and points out someone who's passed out or doesn't look well, and tells security. Then he turns back to the band, and tells them to start back on verse 3, and they pick it up, just as if you'd hit pause on your cd player. It was so smooth, that at first I thought it was staged. I was thinking, Myxomatosis...sick person. For them to stop like that in mid-song was extremely noble.

The stadium went wild when the next song was introduced simply with "Paranoid Android" Johnny went wild on guitar again. I loved it.

Then they brought out the piano for Sail to the Moon. It was a beautiful performance, nothing much else can be said about it.

Kid A was significantly different from the studio version. It didn't have the computer sound to it, which gave it a totally different sound.

Scatterbrain followed, and right after the song I was hoping they would play: Climbing Up the Walls. For the first 30 seconds there was nothing but a japanese/english dialogue track being played, and mixed...when suddenly the bass lines came in, and I went nuts. The lighting added to the whole effect. I loved every second of it. The only problem was the bass was a little too quiet.

Then the piano came back out for Like Spinning Plates. To hear that song being played on the piano, and hearing Thom's voice (with no backwards/forwards recording) caught me off guard. I didn't even realize what song was being played until just before the lyrics came in.

Johnny couldn't control the wild guitar again, as they played Go to Sleep. It was totally and utterly blissful to hear that guy go nuts on guitar.

Next up was the second song I was dying to hear: Idioteque. And with Idioteque you can expect one thing for sure...Thom dancing. Enough said.

Thom's voice was superb on Fake Plastic Trees. Following Idioteque with FPS is a pretty huge shift, but in went beautifully...and when the lights shifted green, I could only think of one thing:

Sit Down, Stand Up came up after. At one point towards the end of the song, Thom accidentally unplugged or turned of the mic, which was pretty funny as we couldn't hear him for about 5 seconds.

Then came You and Whose Army. This song got the whole stadium laughing as Thom couldn't remember the opening notes at first, and kept on laughing as he tried to remember. Then, the camera focused right on his face and Thom was having a lot of fun making faces at the camera, luring the audience in as he chanted "Come on" and "You and your cronies.." The same goulish, creepy voice from Myxo made it's way back into this song. We were all laughing quite a bit, as Thom was having way to much fun with the camera.

Thom's dancing on National Anthem was great, as was the lighting effects. Next was Punchup at a Wedding. Both amazing performances.

And finally we heard How to Disappear Completely, Karma Police, and Everything in its Right Place. Three great performances, with some cool lighting on How to Disappear, and "FOREVER" written over and over by the lights in Everything.

The bad things about the show was that the venu kind of sucked. Moving us from the Amphitheater to the Skydome was pretty upsetting...the sound of the Skydome wasn't all that great, and the seating arrangements were somewhat weird (some people couldn't see the stage at all). The other thing was that a lot of people did not seem to be into the concert at all. From where I stood, everyone was just standing there, totally still, just watching the band and clapping after the songs. I found that quite upsetting, 'cause I myself had not slept for 30 hours before hand (some pre-Radiohead excitement) and I was singing along to every single song and dancing my ass off. Most of the audience barely had the energy to take out lighters. Thankfully, the band didn't let this affect their performance.

The only thing better than a Radiohead album than a Radiohead concert, is that you can play the album over and over.

Coming out of the concert I managed to haggle some street vendor into selling me a Radiohead shirt for $9.

The show rocked...I haven't been able to speak for two days because I lost my voice. (I had to cheer so loud to make up for all the idiots who didn't cheer and were looking at me weird for cheering).


Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 04:47:30

My first Radiohead concert. My true love's first as well. It was simply beautiful and inspiring. I used to hope there'd be certain songs played whenever I saw them, but I really didn't care what they played last night as long as they sounded good and enjoyed themselves.

It was a fucking great show. The guys seemed relaxed and focused. It was so nice to finally be near them and let them play their music in front of us all. They were pretty gracious as well. Not only did they help that poor dude during Myxomatosis, but they still played with passion for a crowd that frankly seemed unmoved during most of their songs. I mean, how can you stand still while a great band is playing for you? Also nice to see musicians who take their stuff seriously, but not so seriously that they can't have a laugh at themselves or anything else while doing their thing.
Thom's dancing was freaked and i love it. He sang very well. Ed was really amazing also with E-bow and all his other crafty stuff (as well as his singing). Colin did many cool and lovely things with the bass in all songs. Phil was excellent for all songs. Jonny is totally unbelievable with his guitar sounds - as well as the myriad of other stuff he does so beautifully.

Even though I didn't want to hope for certain songs, there was *one*, and they did decide to play it: Spinning plates. It was a lovely thing. each song was so well performed.

on you and whose army? the camera faces thom made were hilarious and so true

thanks so much to the band! It felt so good to hear you play the music in person. please come again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 06:51:03

Listen up kids, if you missed this show, well too bad for you cuz it rocked my socks off! The band sounded amazing, aside from the strange set up of the Dome. Paranoid Android was of course a crowd pleaser. I really enjoyed Idioteque, some great energy in the room. Myxomatosis and 2+2=5 were also stellar. You and Whose Army was an amusing little act put on by Thom. And Everything in its Right Place was a fitting ending to a great show. I'm glad I came to the show even though I had a midterm the following day. You guys made it worth it to fail my exam! Keep up the good work boys!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 09:51:06

It was a long time coming, a long time waiting, but I'm glad that it was at Skydome! Wow! We exchanged our tickets and got even better seats, which is always a bonus. And then Radiohead pulls off a great show, even better than the one a couple years back at Molson Park. I was a little disappointed that Just, Creep, or the Bends weren't played, but I'm totally happy with what came out. HTTTF sounds so much better live, just like Kid A and Amnesiac do. A lot of interesting things happened at the concert too, I mean the kid who had to be pulled out of the pit because he passed out (Go Thom for pointing that one out) and of course Flyerman being in attendance, those at the concert know what I'm talking about. All the same, I think they put on a great show, I mean Thom was bouncing all over the place (how he sings while doing that is beyond me). The highlight of the show had to be when You and Whose Army was played; Thom sitting at the piano making saucy looks and faces into the camera will by far be an ever lasting memory of that show. :) I can't wait till they come back...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 10:30:38

First off lemme say thanks for the blackout in August....because without it I never would have made the Toronto show. The show at Cuyahoga Falls was my first, and I had chills the whole time....especially during Sail To The Moon. I wasn't quite sure how such a phenomenal studio band was going to translate live...but my expectations were surpassed and left sitting on the side of the road. Unfortunately my brother had to work and couldn't get out of it to take my extra ticket, so he jumped at the chance for a road trip to Toronto. But enough of that show. Kid Koala was impressive ....but had quite a trainwreck where his beats just didn't jive. He had a show here in Columbus that I missed the previous friday, so I was stoked he was there.
I didn't expect to hear The Gloaming as an opener...but I think the boys really wanted to kick the door down for the last N/A show. The crowd seemed a little uninvolved until the end of most tracks...I'm not quite sure why. People were leaving before the encore was over....??? I had to hit the loo incredibly bad but stayed put and ignored my floating kidneys and kept dancing!!!

The whole trip from Ohio I was jamming "I Might Be Wrong" (among others) and was floored when "Like Spinning Plates" began. There was a feeling of oneness when the first chord of "Fake Plastic" was strummed....and you couldn't slap the smile off my face!! Thom was eating up the crowd during "You and Whose Army" as he faced away from the crowd tickling the ivories. I wish "How to Disappear Completely" would have lasted forever....and was hoping for "Karma Police" as part of the encore if they shot back on stage. AND THEY DID!!!! I only wish they could have played for another hour or so!!! I would have loved to hear "Subterranean" or of course "True Love Waits," but you can't have it all!!!! I was glad to not hear "Morning Bell" again. It's on three releases and I heard it at the last show.... I KNEW "Everything In Its Right Place" was ending it when it hadn't peeked out at all earlier in the show. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 14:00:50

As a long time fan of Radiohead, who has attended every show they have done in the Toronto area, except their very first at the then called R.P.M. I can honestly say that these boys put on the best show in the world. While I did find their stage presence lacked some of the energy they have shown in the past for their older songs, the performance itself was incredible and as powerful as ever. It is certainly nice to see them displaying their true class as humans by stopping their performance to look after their fans. While I did not find this to be the best Radiohead show I have seen, (difficult when comparing against Varsity Stadium, ArrowHall, The Opera House, Maple Leaf Gardens, Molson Park and the Sears Theatre shows, yes I have been lucky enough to attend all those shows!) I would like to thank them for still being the most innovative and talented musicians, performers and human beings.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 19, 2003 21:52:29

After years of obsessing over them, I finally got to see Radiohead play at Skydome. And I can certainly say it the most mind-blowing experience of my life. These guys know how to stimulate a large crowd with their unbelievable new tracks experimenting with the new instruments. Most of the evening I spent staring at Jonny's fingers. How does he does that? The KID A tunes stole the night, especially Idioteque where it was nice to see Thom show off some dance moves. Can't wait till I see them again but until then Hail to Thief will remain in my discman

Submitted on: OCTOBER 21, 2003 12:10:54

Being my first RH concert, and a relatively new fan I wasn't sure what to expect form the show. As the Jamaican Sweetgrass began to cloud my brain I started to get anxious for Thom and the boys to come out. From the beggining of The Gloaming I was entranced for the entire night. Thom's hypnotic voice held me in like an ancient Judo leg-wrap. The onstage energy was unbelievable and seeing the way Thom felt the music around him was amazing. With my best friends by my side I felt we bonded almost like guys in a communal shower for the first time. I don't want to give this review a negative tone but one thing i would complain about is the stupid old ass people who came to show their dominance to the Alpha females by pushing and shoving and not letting people get by in front of them. Apparently, they didn't realize they were at a fucking Radiohead concert, but rather some sort of Archie Bunker autograph signing. Otherwise, the concert was one experience in my life that will stand out for eternity and I highly recommend you haters out there to widen your musical horizons and pick up a RH CD and then make your way to a concert.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 13:38:52

This was my first Radiohead concert, and I was thoroughly amazed. Best band in the world. PERIOD.

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