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Capitol Records - Hollywood, CA USA
September 29, 2003
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1.there there
4.i kight be wrong
5.sail to the moon
6.knive4s out
7.go to sleep
8.pyramid song
9.everything in its right place

no surprises (not on the set list)
follow me around (with the third verse)
Show Notes
Thom and Jonny performed for Kevin and Bean's "Breakfast with Radiohead" show which aired on 9/30/03 on KROQ radio in Los Angeles.
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 09:28:26

I wasn't as fortunate as all the people who got to attend this event, but i was lucky enough to listen to it when KROQ aired it. The acoustic set was very cool, but some of those questions the people asked the band were lame and a complete waste of opportunity.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 20:05:56

It all went down in historic studio A. Thom and jonny were all smiles for this show they did play more songs than were actually aired.
i know they played:

pyramid song
sail to the moon

in addition to the other songs already listed
very very intimate show i was nor more than 2 feet from thom and jonny as they played.
great show and it would have ben a great q&A but soo many stupid questions got picked to be asked... albert...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 14:19:52

Anybody out there happen to record the radio broadcast? I have things to trade if you can hook me up...

-Chris (

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