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Ed Sullivan Theater - New York, New York USA
October 17, 2003
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 11:31:12

Radiohead delivered an amazing rendition of 2+2=5 on CBS' Late Show. Ed provided some haunting backing vocals while Thom sang his heart out. Phil's drumming was superb, as was Jonny's guitar skill. Colin provided a pumping bassline up until it was nearly drowned by Thom's screams during the "paying attention" section. An amazing performance of an amazing song.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 16, 2003 15:19:26

ahhh it was soo funny. not the performance, the performance was grand. but the band was sooo serious, i mean there were so many jokes flying around before they performed and they didnt even smirk. just the way i love them.

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