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Royal Berks Social Club - Reading, England
February 21, 1994
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[1] Maquiladora
[2] Bones
[3] Fake Plastic Trees
[4] The Trickster
[5] (Nice Dream)
[6] Killer Cars
[7] Sulk
[8] Just
[9] The Bends
[10] My Iron Lung
[11] Anyone Can Play Guitar
[12] Prove Yourself
[13] Creep
Show Notes

This was a birthday party for Radiohead tour manager, Tim Greaves, who was turning 30.

First Live Performances of:
Maquiladora (different Lyrics), Bones (slower tempo, no effects at the begining), Fake Plastic Trees (band comes in earlier, big electric outro), The Trickster (different lyrics), Sulk (different lyrics, including "just shoot your gun"), Just (pretty well the same), My Iron Lung (different lyrics in the second verse).

Possibly the first live Electric, Full Band performance of Nice Dream

Killer Cars is the Electric version, rarely played.

In Anyone Can Play Guitar Thom sings "grow my hair I was Jim Morrison grow my hair oh wasn't that a silly photo yes it was"

Thom seems to avoid playing Creep but promises to play it, it is played as the 2nd encore.

At the end of Creep Thom stops singing as the crowd sings the final lyrics.
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 17:29:03

Though only owning the bootleg of this concert I see it to be the most rarity filled concert to date. Containing the only early version performances of many songs.
This concert was unpredicatable.

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