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Makuhari Messe - Tokyo, Japan
April 17, 2004
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2 + 2 =5
where i end and you begin
the gloaming
sail to the moon
i might be wrong
go to sleep
you and whose army ?
spinning plates
climbing up the walls
national anthem
fake plastic trees
sit down, stand up
paranoid android
there, there
we suck young blood
karma police
how to disappear
planet telex
everything in its right place

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Submitted on: APRIL 21, 2004 04:46:39

april 17:
radiohead played an amazing show back in august in chiba marine stadium, and I was afraid that the sound inside the vastness of makuhari messe (basically a concrete convention center used for trade shows) would be sub par compared to the outdoor venue they used last time around...the doors opened at 3, the show began at 5:15 with a solid 2+2=5. the setlist was well balanced and full of absolute winners (lucky, fake plastic, just, where I end, karma police, etc.) "fake plastic trees" was especially appreciated by the japanese crowd, and most of them seemed to get the words right to that one. other highlights include thom wincing at the camera perched on his piano and then laughing during "you and who's army" causing them to repeat a verse. the haunted demeanor and sampled japanese radio signal of "climbing up the walls" contorted into the intro for "national anthem" in what was easily my favorite part of the show. I would pay for a bootleg just so I could hear that again. had this been the first time that I saw radiohead live I'm sure that I would have left it completely mesmerized. surely they were very very good on saturday, but I have seen them perform better. I left feeling that the first night was an average radiohead show. that being said, it goes without saying that an average radiohead is still better than most anyone else at their very best. still, I felt very lucky to have a ticket for sundays show...

Submitted on: APRIL 28, 2004 10:23:25

first, i apologize for not having a set list. hopefully someone else will come forward with one. before getting into the show i should mention that i am an american who was visiting japan for the first time and with the sole purpose of seeing these shows. for anyone who hasn't traveled to japan let me assure you that it is the craziest place on earth. my older brother and i made the trip from hong kong and we could not think of a better place to see these shows. we caught the second osaka show and while navigating through the train stations on our way to the show we noticed several station maps that we were positive must have been inspiration for the cover art on "ok computer." both shows started with "2+2=5" and they could not have picked a better opening song. the crowd was almost completely japanese and they were swept into a frenzy as the band took the stage to the artifical drum beat that opens "hail to the thief." the fervor continually built as thom and johnny opened the song and at the moment that thom holds the word "because" you could feel the electricity almost combust as phil, et al blew into the body of the song. it was truly amazing. both shows followed the opening with "myxomatosis" which is terrific live. the osaka show was so tight that i actually prefered the first tokyo show because of a few hick ups that made you remember that radiohead are not infalable. for those of you who have not been to a show of any sort in japan, it is quite a different experience from seeing a show in the west. though the crowd was as intense and focused as any i have seen, they were very quiet. in between songs you could easily hear the guys on stage talking over what little details they had to iron out before starting the next song. the beauty of that was that during the more delicate songs they played you could literally hear a pin drop. during "how to disappear.." you could hear thom's brillant vocals swirling around the roof of the venue as easily as if you were sitting in your favorite leather chair with a pair of bose covering your ears. as with every radiohead show i have seen in the last several years the band was totally on. guitars, vocals, drums, everything sounded perfect. some personal favorites were "just", a haunting rendition of "we suck young blood", "planet telex", "climbing up the walls", and a crazy jazzed up version of "the gloaming." thom seemed to be giving johnny some gentle ribbings throughout the show. nothing with regard to johnny's playing, but once for having to recalibrate the beat for "sit down, stand up" and another song in which thom had to remind johnny to plug his guitar in. it was actually quite funny. my last humorous memory was during "you and whose army?" thom was making his funny faces into the piano camera and he got a little carried away and broke down laughing. ed and collin starting laughing and clapping but just as i thought they would stop and start over again, thom straightened up and polished off the rest of the song quite powerfully, seemingly in an attempt to make up for his near crack up. the band did quite a good job of changing up the set lists between the two shows that we saw, but both ended with excellent performances of "everything in its right place." all in all they were terrific shows and i only wish we could have seen the other two in japan. hopefully we see some other reviews on greenplastic because i'd love to hear what others thought of the experience. either way, it will definitely be a trip that i never forget.


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