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Below you'll find some songs that you may have never heard before. Due to bandwidth and legal reasons, we do not host mp3 files. You will need the Real Player to listen to the files below.

» Wankfest - This classic clip is from the Sundance Film Festival in 2001 where Colin was a little tipsy. (WAV file)

» Cancer... in his ass - Radiohead lent their voices for a South Park episode. This clip features Thom. (WAV file)

» KROQ April Fools - The DJs at KROQ decided to play a April Fools joke on its listeners by making fun of a Thom imposter in the studio, which turned in to a huge fight.

» Colin on Newsnight - This is a recording of Colin Greenwood's appearance on BBC 2's Newsnight on 07/27/2000 defending the popular MP3 trading software, Napster.

» Knives Out - This song was premiered on the internet by Radiohead on December 09, 1999. They threw a webcast party called "Amateur Nite" in which Thom and Jonny were DJs playing some of their favorite songs from various artists. They ended the party with "Knives Out."

» There There - This song was premiered at the second Radiohead webcast on 2/10/00. It features Thom on guitar and organ, Jonny on bass, and Phil on drums.

» "Ed's Scary Song" - This unreleased song was premiered at the second Radiohead webcast on 2/10/00. It has no known title. It was played at the end and features Ed on lead vocals. As you can tell, he doesn't really sing... Quite scary but interesting!


» Big Boots - This unreleased song has been played a few times live. Also known as "Man-O-War", the band tried to record this tune for the Avengers movie soundtrack but scrapped it.

» Big Ideas - This song is another unreleased track going by different names, such as Nude and Big Ideas (Don't Get Any.)

» E-Bow the Letter - Thom sang backing vocals on this performance in 1998 at the Tibetan Freedom Concert with R.E.M. Originally, the backing vocals were sung by Patti Smith.

» How to Disappear Completely - This was one of the first performances of this song back in 1998. It is longer than the studio version that appeared on Kid A.


» Lift - One of the best Radiohead songs to date. "Lift" hasn't been released but was rumored to be at one time a strong contender for OK Computer, but was left off.

» No Surprises Please - "No Surprises Please" is another earlier take on a song that ended up on OK Computer. The lyrics here are totally different to those on "No Surprises." A good performance.

» Paranoid Android - This is an early version of Paranoid Android recorded in August of 1996.

» You - This version is different than the Pablo Honey version. The lyrics were changed and it was re-recorded.

» EuroseWide Heavy (the Bends) [PC]
» EuroseWide Heavy (the Bends) [Mac]
» Plakatbau (Kid A & Amnesiac) [PC]
» Plakatbau (Kid A & Amnesiac) [Mac]
» Kill Me Sarah dingbats [PC]
» The Bends Screensaver [PC]
» OK Computer Screensaver [PC]
» Kid A Screensaver [PC]
» Kid A Screensaver [Mac]
» Amnesiac Screensaver [PC]
» Pyramid Song Screensaver [PC]
» Radiohead Icons [PC]
» Radiohead Icons [Mac]
» Amnesiac Windows XP Logon Screen [Win XP] (instuctions on how to install)
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