Tonight: St Louis

by Jonathan on March 9, 2012

Radiohead in St Louis

Photo from instagram user danspencer

After an off day yesterday, the band will be performing at the Scottrade Center in St Louis tonight. After the show, check back for the setlist.

Update: Setlist below:

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Airbag
04 Little By Little
05 Morning Mr. Magpie
06 Myxomatosis
07 Kid A
08 Videotape
09 The Daily Mail
10 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
11 Karma Police
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Reckoner

17 Separator
18 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
19 Lucky
20 Everything In Its Right Place (Electrolite intro)

21 Give up the Ghost
22 You and Whose Army?
23 Idioteque


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Tonight: Austin

by Jonathan on March 7, 2012

Radiohead in Austin

Photo from reneealexandra (instagram)

Tonight Austin’s Frank Erwin Center will be home to Radiohead as they continue their 2012 world tour. As usual, sound off in the comments if you will be attending.

Update: Setlist below:

01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 The Daily Mail
04 Morning Mr. Magpie
05 Myxomatosis
06 The Gloaming
07 Kid A
08 The National Anthem
09 Reckoner
10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Idioteque

17 Separator
18 These are My Twisted Words
19 Bodysnatchers
20 Everything in its Right Place

21 Give up the Ghost
22 You and Whose Army?
23 Paranoid Android


More Australia tickets to be released

by Jonathan on March 7, 2012

Radiohead Australia Tour PosterIn light of last week’s ticket disaster in Australia, tour promoter Chugg Entertainment announced that it will be making additional tickets available closer to the shows in November. The small amount of tickets will come from canceled ticket sales that were deemed to have breached the conditions of sale. In a statement made on their Facebook page, Chugg said:

”So, there’s been a lot of questions regarding when & how cancelled Radiohead tickets will be released back to sale. These tickets (and any other potential new releases) won’t be made available for sale at this time. We’ll be releasing them closer to the tour dates and any announcements in relation to this will appear on this page, as well as our website.”

Earlier in the week, Chugg posted the following on their Facebook:

There has been a lot of mention in regards to the number of Radiohead tickets being onsold by scalpers, and we can assure you, Chugg Entertainment is also very disappointed in the resale of tickets via eBay. We are doing what we can to police this, but unfortunately for all of the deterrents that we are able to put in place (like the additional terms and conditions of sale) it is difficult for promoters, ticketing agencies and venues to enforce.

We will not cancel a ticket unless we can determine with absolute certainty which exact seats or general admission tickets breach the conditions of sale, as we would otherwise risk cancelling tickets purchased by true fans like the majority of you. As you can see when you go on to eBay, professional scalpers list tickets with vague details on seating locations but rarely ever get specific about seat or ticket numbers, as this information would allow us to track who they are and cancel their tickets.

With that said, we are regularly scanning listings to look for tickets that we are able to cancel and will continue to do so up until the tour. If you come across a listing that specifies the exact ticket allocation (including seat numbers or exact GA ticket numbers) please send the page link to us at and we will look into it immediately.

Since yesterday afternoon, the ticketing agencies have found a small number of credit cards that had transacted more than one order of 4 tickets, and subsequently have cancelled a handful of tickets. We again urge you NOT to buy tickets from scalpers or off of eBay as there is a chance that one of these cancelled orders is the tickets you just paid for.

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Radiohead’s setlist from Austin City Limits

by Jonathan on March 7, 2012

Radiohead at Austin City Limits

Photo by Adam Caporello

Radiohead taped an episode of Austin City Limits last night at the Moody Theater in Austin and we have the setlist for you. No word on when the show will air on TV, but we’re hearing October.

“Little By Little”
“Daily Mail”
“Morning Mr. Magpie”
“The Gloaming”
“The Amazing Sound of Orgy”
“Lotus Flower”
“There There”

“Skirting on the Surface”
“Paranoid Android”

Tonight the band stay in Austin to play the Frank Erwin Center.

Update: Austinist has a review up of the taping.

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Jonny Greenwood and Krzysztof Penderecki

You may recall news that Jonny Greenwood and Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki were working on an album together after they performed last September in Poland. NPR has that album now available for you to stream online.

That challenge lies at the very heart of this album, which brings together one of rock and electronic music’s superheroes, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, with one of his own idols: the septuagenarian Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki. The collection features two string pieces written by the elder composer, 1960’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima and 1961’sPolymorphia for 48 strings, juxtaposed with two of Greenwood’s similarly set answers to Penderecki’s work: Popcorn Superhet Receiver (inspired by Threnody) and 48 Responses to Polymorphia. Here, they both choose to use a seemingly antiquated vehicle — orchestral strings — to convey the noise, chaos and energy of our time. The results are ear-tingling.

Listen to the album here.