Glass Eyes

  • Shawn Tucker

    Review of A Moon Shaped Pool: Glass Eyes. It is easy to make the mistake of listening to this music in light of the dissolution of Yorke 23 year relationship with the mother of his children. I will now proceed to make that same mistake. The music’s lush texture, reinforced by the string accompaniment, makes it sound like it is a rainy, gray day that the narrator finds upon disembarking. The inhospitable place and panic prompt questions about whether to even stay or not. Everything is seen through the musically and lyrically bleary vision of the titular glass(y) eyes. The second verse continues the travel imagery, with a path winding through the mountains and through dry bush, but even that has little interest for the narrator who concludes with a double lament about feeling love turn cold. This song is as musically sumptuous as it is heartbreaking, reminding me, for obvious reasons, of the song Beck penned reflecting the end of his most important relationship of the time, “Guess I’m Doing Fine.”

  • Kim Bates

    the lyrics are off on this one:

    and the oh-so-smug
    glassy eyed light of day.


    i feel this love to the core