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True Love Waits

True Love Waits
― Radiohead – True Love Waits

What many consider THE “True Love Waits” version:

A recent version:

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    Some lyric corrections:

    I’ll drown my beliefsTo have YOUR BABIESI’ll dress like your NURSETo wash your swollen feet

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    Sorry the formatting screwed that up. Again: I’ll drown my beliefs, To have YOUR BABIES, I’ll dress like your NURSETo wash your swollen feet

  • fakeplastic

    your corrections aren’t correct, listen above

  • its ‘be in peace’ and ‘dress like you niece’ don’t people get that yet…….? :s

  • I might be wrong

    1995 before camera phones , amazing a fan got such a good copy

  • ananymous

    Listening to the first video above, he quite clearly doesn’t say “babies” or “nurse”. Whether he changes the lyrics up from time to time is another question, but it certainly can’t be said that the lyrics are definitely “babies” and “nurse”.

  • Michael

    I’m going to have to disagree with Mr. ‘Ananymous’; It is not at ALL clear that he doesn’t say ‘babies’. In fact, it sounds more plausible just from hearing it that he drags the ‘A’ out in ‘babies’ rather than saying ‘be in peace’. Either way you look at the lyrics, they fit. He’ll become a different person either so that their love can be true, or so that she doesn’t have to worry about him. I will say that he clearly doesn’t say ‘nurse’, in either version.

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  • Jeremy Bell

    I like all of their song. The rap parts an those sweet voice. But Ido fall in love with their Boy In Luv. The music is great, the MV is great. It’s perfect!
    For More :

  • David Paisley

    he DEFINITELY sings ‘to have your babies’, I’ve listened to as many live versions as I could and he’s not singing ‘be in peace’ in any of them.

  • Shawn Tucker

    Review of A Moon Shaped Pool: True Love Waits. Radiohead fans been hearing this song live for years, and now there is a studio version. It is a post-Thom Yorke solo project version. Electronics have replaced the often deeply emotive, plaintive guitar. In spite of the richness of the electronics and the incomparable voice, it seems cooler, less soulful than some of the live versions. For me the song gives voice to an adult still in the throes of childhood attachment/abandonment conflicts. The “niece” is between child and adult, and the child still believes in “true love” and holds out hope that “waiting” will bring the assured and reassuring love. It is a love sustained by lollipops and potato chips, but the longing, however childlike, is still there. Rich and soulful, the longing seems less painful in the studio, electronic version than previous versions.

  • gianmarco baudazzi

    what’s it’s the connection with radiohead , interesting indeed


    its ill drown my beliefs to have you be in peace

  • VonBlade

    I always thought it was “I’ll drown my beliefs to have you be at peace”.

    At least that’s how it sounds on my old, much listened, bootleg.