Banana Co.

Oh Banana Co.
We really love you and we need you
And oh, Banana Co.
We’d really love to believe you

But everything’s underground
We got to dig it up somehow
Yeah, yeah

Oh, she said, “No go”
She said she’d like to
She’s seen you
But no, no go
She knows if you die then we all do

And everything’s underground
We’ve got to dig it up somehow
Yeah, yeah
Everything’s burning down
We got to put it out somehow
Yeah, yeah



Released: May 1993
Found on: Street Spirit CD2. Acoustic version found on Pop is Dead single & Itch EP

“Banana Co.” originated on the “Pop is Dead” single as an acoustic track from a radio session Thom did in 1993; then a studio version made it onto the benefit compilation Criminal Justice: Axe the Act. This new recording, with electric guitars, was also used as the B-side on the second part of the “Street Spirit” release.