Released: May 2001
Found on: Pyramid Song single

On October 6, 1999, Ed O’Brien wrote on his online diary: “Start working on a band loop called ‘fast track’ – Thom had a rough arrangement on cubase last night. Nige and I then do some guitar sounds using my new toy. The first Roland guitar synth, which sounds pretty different. Jonny does a couple of background radio tracks. We then do a bit of editing and pruning. Nige is really into this thing of throwing down random shit and then simply keeping the really good stuff. It’s a cool way of writing if only because you end up with that you couldn’t possibly contrive to do. Set up sounds/studio for optimistic – to be played tomorrow. Phil is playing this old jazz kit which used to belong to plank’s great uncle, but it’s ended up here via coz’a double bass teacher.”