Radiohead Lyrics

Lozenge of Love

I am gone, everybody’s raging
And these fruits, they still taste of poison
I won’t be around
When you really need me

I can’t sleep, why can’t someone hold me?
I need warmth, a restless body cracks some more
I won’t have the strength
When you really need me



Released: September 1994
Found on: My Iron Lung single and EP

Titled after a line from Philip Larkin’s poem “Sad Steps,” this song was debuted during an acoustic set at the FNAC Auditorium in Nancy, France. It’s another example of a Radiohead track where the lyrics were changed radically from their original form when the song was recorded for the EP. This beautiful acoustic number contains touching lyrics about not always being there for others, but sometimes needing others to be there for you.

  • Johan

    I think this song sounds exactly like one of my favourite bands, Vetiver. Almost to the point that I feel like Thom etc stole the sound from them or that they stole the sound from this song. It’s uncanny.

  • Daedalus

    Never heard of them, apparently Vetiver was FORMED in 2002 and their first debut album is from 2004. THIS song was released 10 years earlier in 1994 and probably written in early-mid 1993.