Radiohead Lyrics


How’d you get your teeth so pearly?
Dew drop dentures
White washed faces
She runs from the third world, pearly

Vanilla (feel it closing in)
Milkshakes (calling back again)
From Hard Rock (whatever you say)
Cafes (make it go away)
That’s where (I feel it closing in)
She got her (climbing back again)
Sweet tooth (make it go away)
For white boys (whatever you say)

She runs from the third world, pearly

Use me
Darling, use me
Darling, use me
Darling, use me



Released: May 1997
Found on: Paranoid Android CD1 & Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP. Alternate version found on No Surprises/Running from Demons EP.

The obscure lyrics of this song deserve pondering. The version available on the Paranoid Android CD1 and the US Airbag EP is considered the original, and the remix is available on the No Surprises/Running From Demons EP. The latter has clearer production values and a slightly louder guitar at the beginning; Jonny plays a different ending on the guitar. Both versions open with both Phil and Ed on drums. “Pearly*” made it onto the band’s live set on the latter half of the OK Computer tour.

The lyrics to “Pearly*” to this day remain a mystery and a huge controversy in the Radiohead community. Ask any fan and they’ll give a different version.

  • filipino

    about filipinas

  • scoot

    one of my favorite b-sides. it just doesn’t get as much attention as it should!
    not sure if the whole story about the japanese girls prostituting themselves for rh tickets is true (cause that’s horrifying), since japan is nowhere near being a third world country, so i guess one could infer this song is about girls from more southeastern asian countries. yeah, i guess that means the philippines counts.

  • LastMan

    Pretty sure its not “white washed faces” but rather “fences” – in another reference to rows of white teeth.