Radiohead Lyrics


Super collider
Dust in a moment
Particles scatter
Parting from the soup

Swimming upstream
Before the heavens crack open
Thin pixelations
Coming out from the dust

In a blue light
In a green light
In a half light
In a work light

In a B-spin
Flip flopping
In a pulse wave

To put the shadows back into
The boxes

I am open
I am welcome
For a fraction
Of a second

I have jettisoned my illusions
I have dislodged my depressions

I put the shadows back into
The boxes



Released: April 16, 2011
Found on: Supercollider / The Butcher

“Supercollider” was debuted on 6 June 2008 at Malahide Castle, Dublin. It was subsequently played at various Radiohead and Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace shows leading up to its official release. Digital masters of the track was released in WAV and MP3 on 18 April 2011 through the The King of Limbs website to those who ordered the album in any format before the single was released.

  • Asds

    What does it mean?

  • Guest

    I’m 100% positive that it is “in a half life.”

  • Gweenwood

    it’s ‘I’m a pulse wave, I’m a base bin’ :p and ‘I put the shadows back into the boxes’ first (studio)

  • FreeWood

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put up STUDIO lyrics, it’s terribly confusing!

  • Guest

    half life makes more sense considering the song title; half life is the amount of time an atomic particle takes to decay (usually used in reference to radioactive material)

  • Reckonur

    Definitely “half-life” there. What about “I see the angels hanging over the balcony” at the end?

  • hako_ditty

    “I see angels hanging over the balcony’ … is that the very last line on the song?