Up on the Ladder

I’m stuck in the tardis
trapped in hyperspace
one minute snake charming
the next in a motorcade

all the right moves and
earn the right percent
watch me dance like a puppet
you can almost see the strings

give me an answer
give me a sign
i’ve been climbing up this ladder
i’ve been wasting my time

so long, so long
so long, so long

up on the ladder
no time to escape
up on the ladder
away for fucking sake

up on the ladder
try to call out your name
up on the ladder
you’re all the fucking same

oh, you let the people down
you let the people down
you let the people down



Released: October 10, 2007 digitally, December 3, 2007 CD & Vinyl
Found on: In Rainbows CD2

This song, which dates back to the Kid A sessions, was premiered in Lisbon, Portugal on July 22, 2002.