Radiohead Lyrics

Big Boots

Drift all you like
From ocean to ocean
Search the whole world
But drunken confessions
And hijacked affairs will
Just make you more alone

If you come home
I’ll bake you a cake
Made of all their eyes
I wish you could see me
Dressed for the kill
What a nasty surprise
You’re my man-o-war

And the worms will come for you
Big Boots

So unplug the phones
Stop all the taps
It all comes flooding back
From poisoned cloud
To poisoned dwarf
What a nasty surprise
You’re my man-o-war

And the worms will come for you
Big boots
Yeah the worms will come for you
Big boots



Released: Unreleased
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A huge fan favorite, but unreleased as yet, the song is a kind of tribute to James Bond themes in it’s sound. It was played frequently before the release of OK Computer under the title ‘Man-O-War’. It was written around the time of The Bends, but never made it on to that album. The band have tried many times to record it – including in March 1998 for the soundtrack to the film ‘The Avengers’, but they just couldn’t get it to sound right (see the Meeting People is Easy video).

Thom speaking on MTV’s 120 Minutes (26-April-98) : “We ditched it because we were so messed up and we went in, tried to do the track, but we just couldn’t do it. It was actually a really difficult period of time. We had a five week break and all the shit was coming to the surface. It was all a bit weird – I mean we went in and tried to do this old track that we had and it just wasn’t happening at all. It was a real low point after it. It was quite an early song, written around the time of The Bends and it didn’t make it on to The Bends. We couldn’t find the proper way into it or whatever.”

After a lot of failed attempts at recording this song, sadly the band have finally decided to ditch it, and it will probably never be recorded.

  • Segregated Witness

    This song is finally being released in 2017 on the 20th anniversary (“OKNOTOK”) version of OK Computer!

  • Martin Cilia

    2017 the year dreams come true. What a hell of a time to be a Radiohead fan 😀

  • Jose Mendez

    I wish it had the line “what a nasty surprise”. At least it’s finally out there.