Innocents Civillian

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Released: Unreleased
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During the making of Kid A and Amnesiac, Ed O’Brien’s diary listed a lot of brand new unreleased songs that either made it the two albums or didn’t. “Innocents Civilian” never did and to tell you the truth, the song may have never existed in the first place and may just be a joke from the band. In February 2000, Ed made the following entry in his diary: “go on message board and someone asks us about ‘innocents civilian’. so once we get off the web we decide to put up the master tape of it. can’t find it anywhere which is incredibly strange. it’s got to turn up.”

After this there was this whole brew-ha-ha on the official Radiohead message board about someone stealing the “Innocents Civilian” master tape. It turns out that this was all a fake… Ed said in a press conference that song was a hoax. It was actually one of their worst songs but as a joke Ed decided to write in his diary that it was one of the best songs they had ever done and that the master tapes were stolen. This was done to fool the press because they were following his diary closely. (from ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r.)

If you find a mp3 online entitled “Innocents Civilian”, it is fake and most likely a song from the band Palo Alto called “Some Things Must Go This Way.”