Radiohead Lyrics


I’m on a roll,
I’m on a roll this time
I feel my luck could change.

Kill me Sarah,
kill me again with love,
it’s gonna be a glorious day.

Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
I’m your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.

The head of state has called for me by name
but I don’t have time for him.
It’s gonna be a glorious day!
I feel my luck could change.

Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
I’m your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.
We are standing on the edge.


Released: September 1995
Found on: OK Computer & Help! (Warchild Benefit). Live version found on No Surprises CD2.

From Ed’s sweet, tingling, opening riff, the rest of “Lucky” was generated. “I remember fiddling around in the sound check,” he says. “[We] were in Japan- and putting together a different pedal order and actually hitting the strings above the nut on the headstock. The pedals that I did it with, and the delay that was going on. It was one of those moments -‘Yeah, this is pretty cool'” From here, “Lucky” was made into what the band considers a “happy” song, or at least as happy a song as they are capable of creating. An identical version, which can be found on both the Help! compilation and the Help! EP, also appears on OK Computer. This wasn’t the plan: the band did try to remix the track for the third album but found they couldn’t improve on it.

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    it’s not that deep | Reviewer: gwbush | 6/1/11

    I knew Thom back in the day. As teenagers, he dated Sarah Bloomwood (hi
    Sarah) whilst I was enamoured with her sister Betta. Sarah was quite
    the delusional baker; this likely arose from her being quite hot, and no
    one wishing to tell her the truth.

    Sarah would bake the worst bread rolls this side of Brighton. Really,
    really awful. After a few pints, we’d gather around Tork (his nickname
    then) and he would attempt to stand on one of her rolls without breaking
    it or toppling himself. He was never able to accomplish this
    goal…until one day…

    We looked up from our bong and there was Tork, one foot on the roll, the
    other out the side, arms splayed, eyes closed, a smile from one ear to
    the next. The song is simply about him surviving that one day, that one
    roll, not falling off, telling gawd (the Head of State) that he wasn’t
    taking Tork that day, that unnaturally heavy biscuits be damned he was a

    Sarah broke up with him that night, but I still have one of her biscuits
    from that night…still rock-hard, still a reminder of a warmer,
    fun-filled Tork.

    [taken from sing365]

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    cool story, bro

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