Everyone Needs Someone to Hate

Dance sucka, dance sucka, dance sucka, dance

Life is always so fucking violent on the street
But I’m telling you this for your own good
Its because everyone has someone to hate
That just so happens

It happens to be the plan

But everybody has something to hate
Everybody wants just one thing to hate
Everybody got one thing to hate
Everybody wants just one thing to hate, yeah

You said there are no rules on the street, boys
But there’s one rule I know real well
(This is just one of them)
Undo your big underhand deals
(Big bad)

Kathy was a girl I know and she was stabbed
And now she has no arm
Now she has no heart



Released: 1990
Found on: 1990 Summer Demo

“Everyone Needs Someone to Hate” was recorded and included on a 1990 demo. At the time, the band had stopped using the name On A Friday and had temporarily settled on Shindig, but that was soon dropped and they reverted back to On A Friday before ultimately choosing Radiohead in 1992.

Because Phil Selway was temporarily living in Ireland at the time, the band used a Portastudio 4-track over drum loops from Public Enemy and Soul To Soul. Since the band did not own a sampler, the loops were generated by Thom repeatedly recording from his walkman onto a track of the Portastudio, hence the loop stuttering occasionally in this track. Sometimes this song is referred to as “Dance Sucka.” (from http://citizeninsane.eu/)