Tell Me Bitch

Tell me bitch
Are you screwing that small grey spanish old man
Kind of vicious little mouth
If you are then he just might meet with an accident
’cause I know I don’t wanna see his face again

Tell me bitch
Are you screwing that little spanish man
Ever since you left me I’ve been so dull I mean so ill
I don’t know what to do with myself

Tell me bitch
Is he good in bed
Is he better than me
Well that’s not difficult really
’cause I haven’t got a willy



Released: 1990
Found on: 1990 Summer Demo

“Tell Me Bitch” was recorded and included on a 1990 demo. At the time, the band had stopped using the name On A Friday and had temporarily settled on Shindig, but that was soon dropped and they reverted back to On A Friday before ultimately choosing Radiohead in 1992.

Apparently Thom arrived at Jonny’s house excited one day that he’d written his most viscous set of lyrics. Jonny and Colin suggested doing it as a ska number, which they did. As Phil was living in Ireland temporarily, this track was recorded on a Portastudio 4-track using a drum machine. The recording was deliberately sped up heavily. (from