Radiohead Lyrics

Give up the Ghost

Don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me

Gather up the lost and sold (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)

Gather up the pitiful (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)

What seems impossible (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)

I think I have had my fill (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)

I think I should give up the ghost (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)
In your arms (Don’t hurt me)




Released: February 18, 2011
Found on: The King of Limbs

  • Mikeeatsbroccoli

    I believe the line to be, “Gather up the Lost & their souls,” based on a line printed in The Universal Sigh newspaper.

  • Dogthefly

    I’m pretty sure it’s “Into your arms.”

  • Steve

    wasnt it ‘dont haut me, dont hurt me’?

  • A different Steve

    Sounds like a song of spiritual quest & repentance to me!? Maybe wishful thinking but I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Yorke has found the Lord Jesus: )

  • Matt

    i sure hope not

  • Anonymous

    I also thought it was “Gather up the lost and their souls” upon the first few listens, but I did see Thom perform with Atoms for Peace, and the verse, “Gather up the lost and sold…” is correct.

  • Krisshenton

    Its all about fear, fear of leaving what is the normal…”I think I’ve had my fill”…:”I think I should give up the ghost..” he’s struggling to move past his current state of being, but it absorbs him, he doesnt know what he is without that identity…whatever it is, if normal is working 18 hours a day or drinking 18 hours a day or golfing 18 hours a day… its what is normal and hes not happy with it, he wants to live his dreams… we all do,.

  • Krisshenton

    Theres so much fear in thins song, I think anyways.. 

  • Emilie

    I think there is a lot os spirituality in the last two Radiohead albums, but it is not anything bound to any religion in particular, even though to me it seems that they are contemplating the universalism of some Oriental traditions.

  • Beebaa63

    what an absolutely beautiful song…im in a very sad movie when i listen to it…sad but wonderful…love it.

  • Beebaa63

    Thom finding Jesus ? ewww nooooooo ! lol

  • Schling88

    love it. whatever he’s saying

  • Yogaonna

    Thom find Jesus? Did the big J get lost? he he I think Thom’s to smart for that….

  • gravityalwayswins

    I thought it was “don’t haunt me” rather than hurt me. 😮

  • Sadie52

    I thought he sang ‘Don’t hurt me, don’t haunt me?’ 

  • eMCKc

    That is absolutely daft, mate.

  • BZ

    Don’t HARM me, Don’t HURT me…. it is about the vulnerable populations throughout the world.

  • afett

    I think giving up the ghost means giving up the past that haunts you.  It means accepting what has happened and using courage to move past it.  I believe he is telling a partner his past and/or his wish to behave in new different ways and asking for her help.  However, he also feels vulnerable by disclosing this information and asking for help which is why in the back of his head he keeps thinking don’t hurt me.  

  • Catia Garcia

    Don’t harm me, Don’t hurt me …

  • triptych

    Worth nothing that Thom is known to tweak lyrics from version to version.

  • yellow

    First of all, I love this song. And his Cambridge version just
    blew me away! If you look at what “give up the ghost means”: 1. To stop trying
    to do something because you aren’t getting what you want for your efforts. 2. to
    die, but can be used in reference to inanimate objects, ie, to stop working. In
    the case of subject matter, it means to reveal a secret, punch line, or
    I feel this is about their constant dissatisfaction. There have been so many times where the band has stated that the feel like this is it, or that they are loosing confidence, or interest. Maybe this is about beating themselves up, just to let go.
    “I think I should give up the ghost (Don’t hurt me)”, he also mentions in Feral (Don’t judge me), he has also said he just sees this as a job, and he tries not to emote as much, so this could just be a collective, are we still good enough, thing. I’m rambling! Just Love Radiohead to much! Whoop!

  • kat

    Love this song! It must be about being a womb twin survivor…

  • Choo

    “Gather up the lost and sold” – gather up all the people who are lost and sold in your arms

    “Gather up the pitiful” – the poor and sick in your arms

    “What seems impossible” – fixing our world and its problems

    “I think I’ve had my fill” – sick of how we have been living

    “I think I should give up the ghost” – We know this won’t succeed so it is easier to give up

    “don’t haunt me” – Hope I don’t regret not giving up the ghost

  • Sarah John

    @Beebaa63 – Barb? please email me, visualizefuture at gmail

  • silvestr

    I think it is all about the animal “industry”.

  • Stephen Strang

    I think at the end after saying i think i should give up the ghost its
    In “the” arms all the way to the end. Because i cant help but hear a long e sound.