News for August 10, 1999

Not much is going on. Here is a list of upcoming Radiohead specials on TV:

August 13, 1999 – Radiohead’s performance on “Later With Jools Holland” will air on BBC America (BBCA) at 11 pm & 4 am Est.
August 14, 1999- MTV America will be re-airing the “120 Minutes of Radiohead” special that includes the TV edit of Meeting People is Easy at 11pm Est. This could change.
August 18, 1999 – “Raw Interview With Radiohead” on M2. This is what it said at the official site: Radiohead in some rare interview footage featuring Thom Yorke talking about his fear of flying nuns on a video shoot. 60 minute footage. 9 pm Est.

OK Computer Radiohead

News for July 28, 1999

Radiohead’s Ok Computer was named as one of Spin Magazine’s 90 Greatest Albums of the ’90s in the most recent issue. Here is the top ten:

1. Nirvana – Nevermind
2. Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet
3. PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love
4. Beck – Odelay
5. Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted
6. Hole – Live Through This
7. Bjork – Post
8. Dr. Dre – The Chronic
9. Radiohead – Ok Computer
10. The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole

According to MTV, the re-broadcast of 120 Minutes of Radiohead will “hopefully” air Saturday, August 14, at 11pm Eastern. The special, which originally aired last May, contains a TV version of Radiohead’s film Meeting People is Easy, along with a hour of videos and live performances. Definitely worth checking out. If the date changes, I’ll post it here.


News for June 28, 1999

Those of you that set your VCR’s to tape the “120 Minutes of Radiohead” rebroadcast on MTV last Saturday are probably upset because the special never aired. Instead you got “Say What? Karaoke.” Matt Pinfield apologized on 120 Minutes Sunday and said that the special will air again soon. Stay tuned…

OK Computer Radiohead

News for May 4, 1999

The magazine Entertainment Weekly is running a best music of all time poll on their website. Radiohead is nominated for best modern group, most underrated artist, best modern album (Ok Computer), and best modern song (Creep). You can vote by clicking here. The results will be printed in the May 21 issue.
stewieDid anyone see last Sunday’s episode of the FOX sitcom Family Guy? They had a nice reference to Radiohead.

Meg: So you like music?
Boy: Oh yeah, I sure do. I like Garbage and Phish and Blur…
Meg: Oh really.
Meg: Woah.
Boy: I also like Radiohead.

There’s an article at MTV about the addition of “Meeting People is Easy” dates.

For those of you expecting to see the Radiohead special on 120 Minutes last Sunday, try again on May 16. It’s been moved. More details below.

Finally, The Radiohead box set that I mentioned a while back called “Good Karma” is not a collection of b-sides but rather contains:
a cd sized 100 page book
interview cd
long sleeve radiohead t-shirt
3 stickers
my iron lung cd5
karma police cd5

I have no idea if it’s available. lists it as not released yet.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for April 29, 1998

Last Sunday’s 120 Minutes interview with Thom went extremely well. Thom looked tired and almost bored but smiled a lot. He looked relieved that they were now done with touring for a while. He mentioned that he took a vacation a while back to Venice but was followed everywhere which annoyed him. Matt Pinfield brought up the Avengers Soundtrack in which Radiohead were to include a track called Big Boots. Thom stated that they scratched the idea after not feeling comfortable with the recording session. “No we ditched it…because we were so messed up and we went in, tried to do the track, but we just couldn’t do it. It was actually a really difficult period of time. We had a five week break and all the shit was coming to the surface. It was all a bit weird..I mean we went in and tried to do this old track that we had… and it just wasn’t happening at all. It was a real low point after it.”

Hopefully we’ll get to hear that song soon. He also mentioned about the possible collaboration with Massive Attack later this year and the single that he and DJ Shadow did for the upcoming James Lavelle U.N.K.L.E. project due later this summer.

The upcoming film, Velvet Goldmine, in which Michael Stipe produced, will be released sometime this fall. The soundtrack includes 33 tracks, best of which a super-band by the name of The Venus in Furs have contributed. The lineup for this band includes Thom and Jonny from Radiohead, Bernard Butler, Andy Mackay from Roxy Music, and Grant Lee Buffalo’s Paul Kimble. The songs they put together are covers which include: 2HB, Ladytron, Baby’s on Fire, Gimme Danger, Tumbling Down, and Bittersweet.

This is from Spin Magazine Online:

Teenage Fanclub, Radiohead, Sonic Youth Do ’70s N.Y.
Details about the Michael Stipe-produced soundtrack to Todd Haynes’ upcoming glam rock biopic Velvet Goldmine are surfacing. Though the flick isn’t likely to be competing with the aliens and giant Japanese monsters for box office this summer, glam fans can look forward to a slew of classics from the era (from Roxy Music, T. Rex, Brian Eno, and Lou Reed), inspired covers, plus some new songs by the likes of Grant Lee Buffalo and Shudder to Think. Among the highlights: Teenage Fanclub and Elastica’s Donna Matthews (who has a role in the flick) cover The New York Dolls’ “Personality Crisis” and two supergroups doing two Stooges faves: The Venus in Furs (featuring Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead) take on “Gimme Danger” while The Wylde Rattz (featuring Mike Watt and members of Sonic Youth) revive “T.V. Eye.”

Okay. Sources close to Green Plastic Radiohead have said that the upcoming episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast featuring Thom as guest won’t be aired until this August. thanks to kathy hay

The show airs Saturday nights at midnight on the Cartoon Network.
Spin Online also has this to say:

Thom Yorke vs. Space Ghost
Sources at Capitol Records, have confirmed that Radiohead singer Thom Yorke will indeed appear as a guest on the popular Cartoon Network talkshow, Space Ghost, though the air date is still “months away.” Yorke recently shot his segment and now the animation wizards are building an episode around him. We wonder if he’ll use his appearance as a forum for further dissing Microsoft boss Bill Gates (whom Yorke has called “the most paranoid man on the planet”).

Radiohead banned in China!
Yes it’s true along with all the other acts performing at this year’s Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington DC June 13 and 14.

from the ABC Radio Networks Rockwire:
The Chinese government issued a statement yesterday attacking the bands that intend to perform at this summer’s Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington D.C. A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London stated that “Western artists have no right to intervene in the internal affairs of our country. Any of those performers who do will not be permitted entry to China, including Tibet, and their works will never be welcome in our country.”
The tickets for this concert go onsale May 2 at 9am EST. For more info and the complete lineup of bands go to

OK Computer Radiohead The Bends Thom Yorke

News for April 11, 1998

The Seven Television Commercials home video was not released on April 7 as I thought it would be. The compilation video featuring 7 of Radiohead’s wonderful music videos will most likely be released on April 21.

Speaking of April 21, the Airbag/ How am I Driving EP is going to be released that day too. It is already available to you Canadians. Check your local record shops.

Radiohead’s Nice Dream (which was released on their second album, The Bends,) recently appeared in a Korean movie titled “Bye Jun”. The movie examines teenage wandering. The soundtrack is enjoying great popularity in Korea while the movie is receiving unfavorable reviews. Thanks to

For those of you that want a good laugh, click here for some Thom comics.

A certain hip hop band named Credit to the Nation is covering Radiohead’s High and Dry. Enough said.
thanks to Thomas Noller.

Radiohead will be on MTV’s 120 Minutes on April 20.