In Rainbows Radiohead

Radiohead Selects Four Winners of the aniBoom Animated Video Competition

Contest to Create Video for a Song from Radiohead’s IN RAINBOWS Receives Submissions of Overwhelming Quality, Inspires Band to Select Four Winners to Each Collect $10,000 Prize

Radiohead, aniBoom (, the premiere independent animation network and TBD Records have named the winners of the In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest, as selected by the members of Radiohead themselves. Due to the extraordinary quality of the submissions, Radiohead decided to choose four winning videos, rather than a single winner, and is going to provide the additional prize money so that each of the four creators receives $10,000 to produce their full-length video. Radiohead will possibly use the videos in support of future singles from In Rainbows.
Check out the winners at!

Amnesiac Radiohead

Dollars & Cents animation

Why don’t you go and check out Dollars and Cents Flash animation?

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Talk Show Host

Check out this pretty cool flash animation set to Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host”.
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Radiohead animation

For a hilarious Radiohead animation, please head on over to

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