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Gilles Peterson thinks Radiohead’s album is done. Or not.

Okay, take this for what it’s worth, but Thom Yorke appeared at The Worldwide Awards 2011, where he presented Flying Lotus with the award for “Album of the Year”. BBC 1’s Gilles Peterson chatted with Thom and FlyLo afterwards and apparently Thom indicated that the new Radiohead album is done. Unfortunately, this wasn’t captured on video (below) so all we have to go by is Peterson’s word.

Peterson says:

“I think we’re just lucky that Radiohead are having some free time at the moment. And Thom was just hanging out. He enjoyed himself. And there’s a new Radiohead album if you’re wondering. Just done I believe,”

Peterson said this during his Worldwide Awards highlight show on BBC 1 and you can listen to the clip here (the part about Radiohead begins at 1:26).

Here’s a video of the Thom, Flying Lotus, and Peterson talking:

Nothing official is confirmed so we’ll just keep this in the rumor bin.

(thanks to At Ease and Consequence of Sound)