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News for September 13, 2000

Radiohead to play Los Angeles on October 20th

It’s official. Radiohead will be playing the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on October 20, 2000. You can read the full article at here.

Radiohead’s Plan B!

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RADIOHEAD are in the studio working on a new album, due for release in Spring 2001, just six months after their new, ‘KID A’ album is out, can reveal.

The album is believed to contain the more accessible, commercial material which the band have written and recorded over the last two years and will be promoted by a full-scale tour of the UK and Europe. Songs tipped to appear on the new album include ‘Knives Out’, ‘Egyptian Song’ and ‘Dollars And Cents’ which the band have played on recent live outings.

Unlike ‘Kid A’, which frontman Thom Yorke allegedly wanted to name ‘ENC’ to stand for ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, the 2001 Radiohead album is expected to be accompanied by single releases and promotional duties.

Go here to read the full article.

Radiohead’s Kid A on M2

M2 (MTV 2 USA) will be playing KID A in its entirety on the channel Monday, September 18th at 10pm ET. M2 is also playing exclusive blips and Radiohead has been deemed buzzworth at MTV.

Kid A Press

Check out the latest issues of Jane and Mens Journal. Both have reviews of Kid A.

Chart Attack is reporting about the possibility of Radiohead playing in Toronto at the end of October. Go here to read the article. [thanks Jarrod]

Wall of Sound has a article about the Napster leaking. Go here for that. [thanks Plajia]

Thom talks about Optimistic on the radio

Thom made an appearance on the official message board this morning and made a comment about the Vancouver radio station (104.9 XFM) playing “Optimistic” before they were supposed to. (Read yesterday’s news for more info.)

Thom had this to say:

“yeah its fairly pointless i agree
but why should they get to play it exclusively first on RADio with no permission from us? that seems unfair. they new it would get on our tits.

its far worse to me than napster which is more just like home taping.
why should they be able to boast about having it? anyfool could do the same..

anyway it will be irrelevant next week…. its been a nightmare sitting on Kid A for 4months. having to destroy your CDs after listening all the stupid security around the journalists listening to it.

for us it was just to try and keep things nice and cool…

anyway you can all decide for yourselves now, which is cool. whatever we are proud of it we hope yooz like it. and that ll be that and we can get on with our lives”

Kid A release date in Latin America

Kid A will be released on October 2 in Latin America and most other parts of the world, except for the US and Canada, where it’ll be released the day after.

In Bogota, Colombia, there will be an event at the Tower Records on the release date in which limited edition copies of Kid A will be available for purchase.

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Limited Edition Kid A

Many people have been questioning the availability of the limited edition version of Kid A, which includes a extra booklet that is hidden inside the jewel case. If you purchase Kid A on it’s first run, you’ll get the limited edition. This means that if anyone picks up a copy during the first week or so, they will get one. If you pre-order from stores or online vendors, you should get one also.

Listening Party in Chicago!

Aliveone, a bar in Chicago is throwing a listening party for Kid A on the Wednesday following the release (October 3rd). Along with the full album, many live tracks will also be played. For more info on Aliveone and directions, head on over to

Webcast of last Tuesday’s show!

Go to to listen to 45 minutes of Radiohead show in Belgium last Tuesday!

[thanks to Nick]

Another playback added for the US

You can now enter to win tickets to a playback of Kid A in Chicago on October 2! Go here for more info and for more playbacks.



Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for September 8, 2000

Radiohead: ‘Kid A’ Is No ‘OK Computer’ has a review of Kid A and some more info current happenings with Radiohead. A full track-by-track review will appear in the September 16th issue of Billboard.

[thanks to Sean]

Can’t make it to a concert?

Then bring the concert home to you! The shows in Belgium on September 11th and 12th will be webcasted on Belgian Radio 21‘s website starting on the 12th at 11pm. The webcast will be in audio only and will be archived on the site for a few weeks after the shows.

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Kid A propaganda

Posters and those nifty little blips are showing up everywhere to promote the release of Kid A. Recent reports have posters and stickers appearing in New York City while the media blips are being aired on Canada’s MuchMusic channel. Even Circuit City, a large electronics chain in the US, is airing the blips on their televisions twice every hour!

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The UNKLE Probe

Tomorrow night on MTV 2 (the UK one, not the US channel), they will be airing a full hour profile on UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights” video directed by Jonathan Glazer (Street Sprit, Karma Police). The song, available on UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction album, is a collaboration between DJ Shadow and Thom Yorke.

The show starts at midnight.

[thanks to Ben]