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Amnesiac drops to #8

Amnesiac drops to #8 in the US Billboard Album Chart. {thanks to Zak}

Here’s the reason, according to the band’s management, why the Beta Band didn’t perform at the Houston show the other night:

“the band were scheduled to perform in Houston however due to immigration problems they missed the show. They are currently on their way to Denver for tomorrow’s show and will be on all other shows”

The Beta Band’s Official Website has been updated too. {thanks to Jim}

Amnesiac packaging was chosen as a “Pick of the Month” by Creative Review. Subscribers to the site are allowed to read this text:

“We’ve been a bit “Radiohead heavy” of late, but we promise to stop just as soon as we’ve mentioned the packaging for a special issue of their new album, Amnesiac. A cloth-bound hardback book, hailing from “Nosuch Library” features paintings by long-time Radiohead collaborator, Stanley Donwood [CR passim]. The CD is stowed inside the front cover complete with library style lending card and due date stamps (actually the birthdays of everyone involved with the album). It comes as a “limited edition” of 250,000 (not that limited then) and costs 15.99. Says Donwood, who also designed the piece with Tchocky: “The book is a relic from the past. You should scuff it and mistreat it until it looks like the one on the front of the CD packaging. Then you need to separate the pages and let them moulder in a drawer in the haunted attic of an abandoned house”. Hmmm, maybe we won’t go that far but in a time of tightening record marketing budgets and increasingly homogenised sleeve design, it’s worth celebrating such an original piece of work.”

{thanks to Jody}

Would you like to buy Ed O’Brien’s Soul? Creepy…

HOB will be Webcasting the Radiohead show at the Gorge this Saturday starting at 8:30pm. You can also win tickets to see RH in concert. More details are here. {thanks to Cristen}
Here is some more info about the Boston RH show from Suffolk Downs:

All concert events that are staged in the infield, Blink 182 on July 28th, Vans Warped
Tour on August 9th, Radiohead on August 14th, and The MixFest on September 22nd, are general admission shows. The area where our concerts are held is located within our racetrack. It is a big, grassy field, and shows are set up “festival style”. There are no reserved seats or tent set-up for any of these shows. Suffolk Downs recommends taking the Blue Line for a safer, hassle-free concert experience!

{thanks to Chad}