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Vote Killerbear?

Vote Killerbear? If you visit the city of Nottingham (UK) you may see little posters of the Radiohead bear with the words “Vote Killerbear”. They are apparently in a lot of locations as documented here. What are they for? Who put them up? Did the band have something to do with it? These are questions that we can’t answer. Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming elections on June 7.

The NME has given Amnesiac an 8 of 10 rating. {thanks to Chris}

The setlist and review for last night’s show in Verona, Italy is here.

Thom, Colin, and Jonny appeared on Mark and Lard yesterday live from Verona. Thom and Colin played Wheel of Misfortune in which Thom confessed that they had picked “The Tourist” for the encore in France only to discover that they couldn’t remember (talk about Amnesia!) the last chord to the the song! They discovered this about 2 minutes before they went on stage and couldn’t locate a copy of OK Computer so the song was ditched. You can listen to the Thom and Colin’s Wheel of Misfortune and the Yes No Game with Thom at the Mark and Lard Site. The full interview should be available Online soon. {thanks to Paul}

To hear Thom’s solo version of “Pyramid Song” from the same show, check out Apparently Jonng was itching to play drums with a Yamaha Beatbox or something… 🙂 {thanks to Titof}

According to Pitchforkmedia, a “Knives Out” EP will be released in the UK on July 24. {thanks to Keegan}

Two local bands, The Rock Of Travolta and Hester Thrale have been added to the support list at the July 7 Radiohead “hometown” show in Oxford. {thanks to Alex and Andrew}

Thom is interviewed in the latest edition of the Dutch magazine OOR.

The PinkPop festival, in which Radiohead is taking part of, will be available to watch and listen to Online at this Site on Monday, June 4. {thanks to Willem}

The concert that Radiohead played for Canal+ on April 28 will be aired on the following channels on June 5:
– Canal+ Spain @ 23:45
– Canal+ Sweden @ 21:35
– TELE PIU’ BIANCO (Italian satellite network) @ 6:05pm

A “Making of…” special will also be shown. {thanks to Linda}

There is supposedly going to be an Amnesiac listenening party on June 3rd at 8:00 PM at the Zia Records on University & Mill Ave. in Tempe, Arizona.
More Zia Records info: 105 W. University, Tempe, AZ (480) 829-1967. {thanks to Meggie}

Amnesiac will be released tomorrow in Ireland! {thanks to John}

Boris Becker is Thom Yorke? We didn’t even know you liked tennis Thom! {thanks to Nicolas}

Nude as the News has launched three new articles on Radiohead, including a review of the new album, a band profile and an odd piece of humor, called Trivee. ‘Head on over and check it out!

There is an article (in Portuguese) about Radiohead and their show recently in Bilbao, Spain at {thanks to bey}

Mexican radio station Radioactivo is celebrating it’s 9th anniversary with many specials and contests, and they sure won’t leave Radiohead out of it. Here’s a list of Radiohead events in Radioactivo:

– June 4th: Amnesiac will go on sale, and radioactivo will be at Mixup G?nova (a record store in Mexico City)at 6:30 local time giving away special radiohead gifts to people who buy the cd.
– June 5th: Radioactivo will be airing one of Radiohead concerts in Dublin.
– During that week radioactivo will be giving away a trip to the U.S. to watch one the Radiohead concerts, so stay tuned and be ready to do whatever it takes to win that trip!.
oh, and there«s a poll at about which is the most awaited cd. So far Amnesiac is in the lead.

{thanks to Nicolas}