Amnesiac Kid A Radiohead tour

News for July 28, 2000

Another album?

Yes, according to Shuki Weiss, the organizer for Radiohead’s concerts in Israel. He claims that the audiences enjoyed some of the new material that isn’t included on Kid A (“Egyptian Song”, “Knives Out”, etc…) that the band are planning to release another album this February or March. According to our sources here at Green Plastic, LP5 will be more like OK Computer than Kid A.

Nothing has been confirmed by the band or their management. This is just to let you know what’s going around in rumorland.
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Radiohead to play the US?

Recently a post was made to the newsgroup by Zach Proulx detailing his adventure at Courtyard Management, Radiohead’s management group, and their studio nearby. Zach learned that the band may play two dates in the US this October – one in Los Angeles and one in New York City. The band will return a few months later to tour more extensively in the US and Canada. Again, nothing has been official announced so just keep in mind that this is just a rumor. We’ll have more once it’s available.
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Radiohead to play at Brad Pitt’s Wedding?

Rumours on the Radiohead front are that theyÌll be playing at the wedding of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston this weekend, but a spokesperson told Radio 1 the story is complete and utter rubbish.

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