Radiohead tour

On the Road: Radiohead in Brazil and Argentina

Radiohead in Buenos Aires
(Radiohead in Buenos Aires by hey vicky!)

Radiohead played in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Tuesday night and before that, two nights in Brazil. To check out reviews and setlists, head on over to our gigography.

The band will be wrapping up the tour with two shows in Chile starting tonight. Can we have a new song please?

Radiohead tour

Radiohead conquered Mexico City, next stop: Brazil

Mexico Sound Check
(photo by Jonny Greenwood)

The band played their second show in Mexico City Monday night to another grateful and enthusiastic crowd. This concludes their stop in Mexico before heading off to Brazil to play on Friday night.

For a complete setlist of Monday’s show (“Creep” was played!?), head on over to our gigography.

Here’s a video of the “Creep” performance:

In Rainbows Radiohead tour

It’s official: Radiohead to tour Mexico and South America

It’s official! has tour dates listed for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile for March 2009. Right now the dates for Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are not listed, but tickets for the Santiago, Chile show are now available for purchase here.

Radiohead have confirmed their long-awaited first appearance in Santiago, Chile. The concert will take place on March 27th, 2009 at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium during the Cristal En Vivo Festival.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Radiohead tour

Radiohead in Brazil

This site (in Portuguese) is reporting that a rock festival will take place later this year in Brazil and Radiohead are among the artists rumored to be playing. Other artists include U2, Pearl Jam, Oasis, and many more…

No tour dates have been officially announced by Radiohead as of yet but South America has been one of the places that various members of the band have expressed interest in touring.

Remember, this is just a rumor and nothing has been announced yet. Stay tuned…

{thanks to Dario}