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Radiohead plan to go back into the studio in May to record a new album according to Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien. The guitarist told worldpop: ‘The band are planning a get-together in May in the studio. We’re putting all gigs on hold at the moment to concentrate on writing new material.’
Speaking at yesterday’s NME/Carling Awards where the band won the award for Best Video for Pyramid Song, O’Brien said the new album may be a return to a guitar based format, ditching the electronica the band experimented with on Kid A and Amnesiac. ‘We’re listening to a lot of guitar music at the moment,’ said O’Brien. ‘I like a lot of the new bands like Electric Soft Parade.’

‘It’s a bit embarrassing to pick up an award for Best Video,’ continued the guitarist, ‘because it wasn’t made by us.’

O’Brien also refuted the band’s critics who claim they make depressing records. ‘We don’t make unhappy records. We make uplifting ones,’ he said.

Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood has also contributed to a new Bryan Ferry solo album entitled Frantic. The album is released on 15 April and Greenwood played on the track, Hiroshima.

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Jonny Greenwood

Jonny guests on new Bryan Ferry album

From the NME:

RADIOHEAD guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD has contributed to the first BRYAN FERRY solo album in eight years.
‘Frantic’ is released on 15 April in the UK. Greenwood contributed to the track ‘Hiroshima’, while other collaborators include Brian Eno, who supplies backing vocals and keyboards on new song ‘I Thought’.

The album from the former Roxy Music star also includes covers of two Bob Dylan tracks, ‘Dont Think Twice (It’s Alright)’ and ‘Its All Over Now Baby Blue’.

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Jonny Greenwood Radiohead

News for March 15, 2000

To Get Your Taste Buds Going…

Radiohead’s own Jonny “DJ Respect” Greenwood is rumored to be helping out with Brian Eno on Bryan Ferry’s new album. There is no date yet for release. Here is what the French culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles said about it:

“Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno are in the same boat. A fews months after the release of his wonderful ‘As Time Goes By’, Bryan Ferry is getting back to work on a new album. Brian Eno, another one from Roxy Music, will be there, and also Jonny Greenwood, guitarist from Radiohead, who’ll fulfill a child dream : play with the legendary duo from Roxy Music, one of his favourite band.”
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