Kid A OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

Spin’s 50 Greatest Bands of All Time

Radiohead made it to # 15 in Spin magazine’s 50 Greatest Bands of All Time. Here’s the excerpt from the article:

On 1995’s The Bends, Radiohead were a compelling young Brit-pop band, but with follow-up OK Computer, they spooked rock fans into a new level of obsession. The album’s brooding minor chords and white-noise buzz grew more claustrophobic with each track, even as Thom Yorke’s personal-yet-impersonal lyrics made songs about car crashes and crushed insects somehow moving. Newer bands began to cop Radiohead’s paranoid but confessional, slurry but catchy approach. In response, they sighed deeply and recorded Kid A, somehow transforming glitchy prog rock into classic pop.

INFLUENCED: Travis, Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Clinic, JJ72, Doves, Elbow, Wes Borland

Chris Martin of Coldplay had the following to say about Radiohead: “When I saw Radiohead, I thought ‘Wow, maybe you really can do what you want and get away with it. They did exactly what they wanted and people responded…not everyone wants to listen to nonsense rock.”

{thanks to Lou}