Courtney Love speaks her mind

Courtney Love, in an interview with the NME, had this to say about Radiohead:

Are The Strokes really saviours? You seem obsessed…
“I’m going to pretend they are until it comes true. The Little Engine That Could. ‘I think they can, I think they can’. If their follow-up sucks I am so dead. I have bet the farm on them and damn I hope they pull through. I spent three hours on the phone with a radio station program director, banging his head until he finally admitted that he fucking hated Limp Bizkit, but that it was Radiohead’s fault, not his. Okay I’m going to say it and all of Britain will hate my guts, but Radiohead! Fuck ’em for not bailing us out of this bullshit. OK, Thom, yes, yes, we admit it. We wrote off ‘Creep’ as a pretty good song in the wake of Nirvana, yes we did it, we did it, we all did it. We didn’t rate you for the genius you are. We are at fault! We didn’t recognise your genius until it was too late but do you have to make us feel your pain? Can I show you the shit people say about me every day? Why? Why promise me salvation with ‘The Bends’? Why promise me salvation with ‘OK Computer’ and then leave me? Leave me and my entire generation and, even worse, the generation underneath me with a fucking single-note Moog? ‘Kid A’ was number one in this country ‘cos a bunch of little kids heard their older brothers and sisters saying ‘Bizkit?’s wack, Radiohead rules” and so they ran out and bought ‘Kid A’ and now they will never trust us again. How could you take one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock’n’roll and not let him play? Fine, you satisfied yourself and you left us with Fred. Thanks. Thanks, buddy. I know those nice musty rooms in Oxford have really cool 16th-century books that American trash like me couldn’t dream of understanding but could you write a fucking rock song that slays me? Yorke, you must come through for us, I’m begging you, I’m on my knees, please, please, please! Hey, I like Korn though. I liked At The Drive-In before we lost them. And System Of A Down and Rage Against The Machine. I like man music for man people. But the little girls, they need something too. Something they don’t have now and they gotta like something.”

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