YouTube Friday: All about Thom

Since Thom’s album leaked this week, we thought we devote today’s YouTube Friday to some classic Thom videos found on YouTube.

The first one is a recent one, videotaped from the May 18th show in London. Apparently some heckler was in the crowd and told Thom to get off stage.

Oh wow.. remember when Thom collaborated with Drugstore on that song “El President”? His voice sounds great in this song. Remember the rumor that he and Drugstore lead singer Isabel were going to be naked in mud bound together for the video? We reported about it in 1998 and the rumor was squashed by Isabel shortly thereafter. Anyway, here’s the video they decided to do:

Next up: We don’t know what this is…

Back at one of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts (1998?), Radiohead and R.E.M. decided to swap singers for one song each. Michael Stipe sang “Lucky” with Radiohead and Thom sang “Be Mine” with R.E.M. This clip is from a R.E.M. documentary and shows Thom’s rehearsal.

Ahhh.. the golden years. We’re not just talking about Thom’s hair here either. We leave you with Thom’s 12 string performance of “Street Spirit”. Enjoy!

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for April 5, 1998

You can listen to the KROQ April Fools joke by clicking here. It is in real audio, so you will need to have the appropriate equipment.

Thom will not be naked in the next Drugstore video as previously thought. Here is an excerpt from the fanzine “Tartrazine” in which Drugstore’s Isabel and Darren were interviewed:

t: is it true what i’ve heard about the video for ‘el president’?
isabel: it’s kind of true, but it was done in a really tasteful way….no, it’s not. if you check the paper it was actually april fools day. but we were sent that treatment by a video maker, and we thought it was so preposterous, so ridiculous – the idea of me and thom naked in mud. we showed it to thom and said ‘thom, look!’, and he said ‘oh, let’s send that to the press as a press release’.
t: so it’s not actually true?
isabel: no! oh please!
t: I didn’t really think that thom would go for that kind of thing..
darren: well, you’re the first person that knows – we haven’t told anyone else yet.
isabel: no, we haven’t told anyone. but the video’s beautiful.
t: does it have thom yorke in it?
isabel: yes. it’s beautiful – keep watching MTV because they’ve put it on heavy rotation.

many thanks to emma short

The American EP, Airbag/ How am I driving? is going to be released on April 21, 1998. Check out Capitol’s Radiohead section for more details.
Ed said that last night’s show in Salem was their best so far on the tour.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for March 30, 1998

From the L.A. Times:

“Radiohead’s Thom Yorke hasn’t emerged as a sex symbol yet, but he’ll be naked in his next video appearance, bound by heavy ropes to the likewise undressed Isabel Monteiro, singer for the English Band Drugstore. The video is for ‘El President,’ a Yorke-Monteiro duet that will be the first single from Drugstroe’s upcoming album…”

Radiohead has dropped to number 53 in the Billboard 200.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for March 7, 1998

The collaboration single with Drugstore and Thom will be released on April 20. The track, entitled El Presidente, was recorded in 1996 but is now being released due to legal problems.

A video compilation containing seven singles will be released on April 27 in the UK. It will include videos for Paranoid Android, Street Spirit, No Surprises, Just, High & Dry (US version), Karma Police, and Fake Plastic Trees.

There has been a second date added in New York CIty on March 18. The people of Detroit are petitioning to have radiohead come and play there on their upcoming US tour.

For the tour in America, Radiohead will be releasing a new EP called ‘Airbag: How’s My Driving?’, (referred to by Stanley as the ‘we’re running out of ideas’ EP). No other details at the moment, but lets hope it has a few new tracks – as the band have said that they will be playing new material on the forthcoming tour (Motion Picture Soundtrack and True Love Waits at least).

The DJ Shadow / Thom collaboration, Rabbit in Your Headlights, will be released this summer.