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Phil Selway tour dates

Phil SelwayIn case you haven’t heard, Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, is about to embark on a solo tour of the Mediterranean areas of Europe. Phil is reportedly going to release a solo album sometime this year, as previously announced. Lisa Germano will be the opening act as well as performing with Phil. Here are the dates:

Phil Selway/Lisa Germano:

03-27 Turin, Italy – Spazio 211
03-28 Florence, Italy – Sala Vanni
03-29 Ferrara, Italy – Sala Estense
03-30 Bologna, Italy – Covo Club
03-31 Rome, Italy – Circolo Degli Artisti
04-01 Milan, Italy – Tunnel
04-03 Barcelona, Spain – La (2) de Apolo
04-04 Valladolid, Spain – Auditorium
04-05 Puerta de Santa Maria, Spain – Mucho Teatro
04-06 Lisbon, Portugal – Aula Magna
04-07 Porto, Portugal – Casa da Musica
04-08 Vigo, Spain – Museum of Contemporary Art

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Radiohead – 10 Days 5 Shows, 4 Hrs Sleep

Radiohead in Prague 8-24-09
Thom in Prague. View more photos below.

The following is a review of the recent European tour by Vincent Cornelli, a photographer in New York City, who attended every one of the shows. He graciously offered to write up a review of the whole tour, as well as take photos for us. Make sure to see all the photos after the jump.

In my opinion, there’s no better way to see the world than to hit up destination festivals and tours. It fosters the best of encounters, friendships, and ultimately, sonic experiences…especially when it comes to a band like Radiohead. I recently returned from a trip to Europe following Radiohead’s five show mini-tour.

On August 19th, I set out on my mission. First stop, Austria’s Frequency Festival.

For many of us, Radiohead is a band that continues to remain relevant in our lives. For me, it started when The Bends surfaced. Upon it’s release, I was not the biggest fan of Pablo Honey…not to fault the album, but at that point in my life I was counter to anything mainstream. So, from the days of The Bends to present, Radiohead continues to create amazing music by pulling from older influences of styles, percussions, etc, and fusing it with their iconic sound and direction. Their lyrics, ideologies, and actions tend to strike a chord that allows us to look past the current pretenses we’re spoon fed, and they continue to suggest that we look forward.

But, the greatest part of it all is that I am not alone here.

Radiohead’s live experience means something. One thing in common at all of the Radiohead shows I’ve attended is that incredible people permeate, and share this same view. In the nine countries I’ve ever traveled to see this band, I am always surprised to come back to the same conclusion – I am not alone. This tour has again proved exactly that – I have met individuals who traveled from six of our seven continents to bare witness to this five show stint. Call me a hippie, but this tour is proof positive that the dream is alive.

For many reasons, I would have to say that Poznan, Poland proved to be their best show of 2009.

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News for March 22, 1999

To all the folks (including myself) who were hoping that maybe, just maybe, the rumor floating around that Radiohead would be opening up for R.E.M. this summer would be true, well, it’s not.  R.E.M. announced today that Wilco, Mercury Rev, and Spacehog would be the opening acts for their U.S. tour.  Now this is just the U.S.  In a recent press conference, R.E.M. was asked if Radiohead would be touring with them in Europe this summer and the band replied that nothing had been confirmed yet.  Keep hoping.  Since the band are recording in Paris now and probably won’t cease recording anytime soon, any live appearances this summer probably won’t happen.