One Note

Time again for some fake news to keep you entertained…

RADIOHEAD TO RELEASE ONE-NOTE ALBUM – After releasing two consecutive albums that left fans somewhat bewildered and indie critics up in arms over being outsmarted, Radiohead is set to release their latest album. It is said to be a 76 minute long opus written entirely with one note, a key factor that is leaving many critics confused. ?”I’m so used to dismissing them as being an overly-self indulgent band way past the point of redundancy who had lost any cultural relevance whatsoever, that I have no idea what I should be saying about this up-coming album,” said local indie critic Mark Gosford. “Speaking of which, have you read my latest op/ed on the importance of Cale and Reed in today’s swamp rock and indie rock scene?”

Go here and read the full article from Fine Print Magazine

{thanks to Ian}