Radiohead tour

Radiohead at Glastonbury 1997

Glastonbury 1997

For those in the UK, the digital-only BBC4 will be airing an hour of Radiohead’s set from Glastonbury 1997 at 1:15 AM this Sunday night/Monday morning.

Set your DVR!

(thanks to Duncan)

Pablo Honey Radiohead The Bends tour

Blast From the Past: Radiohead at Reading 1994

Okay, so the video quality isn’t that great but the audio is top notch. This is from Radiohead’s 12 song set at the Reading Festival in 1994. Things were different then… Thom had blond hair, Ed was in his pirate shirt phase, Phil had hair, Jonny is wearing mom jeans, and Colin looks to be wearing a quilt. With that said, this is still a great video to watch. Thom starts out singing a cover of Tim Buckley’s “Sing a Song For You” which reminds us just how great his voice can be.

Here you go:

Thom Yorke tour

Thom Yorke will be playing Coachella

Announced today on the official festival site, Thom Yorke will be playing the third and final night of Coachella. He is billed as Thom Yorke ???? which we assume is still the running name of his side band.

More information can be found at

Oh, and sorry about the lack of updates. It’s been a long time and sometimes life comes up and have you to ignore some things in order to focus on the more important. We’re back and looking forward to an exciting year!