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News for May 4, 1999

The magazine Entertainment Weekly is running a best music of all time poll on their website. Radiohead is nominated for best modern group, most underrated artist, best modern album (Ok Computer), and best modern song (Creep). You can vote by clicking here. The results will be printed in the May 21 issue.
stewieDid anyone see last Sunday’s episode of the FOX sitcom Family Guy? They had a nice reference to Radiohead.

Meg: So you like music?
Boy: Oh yeah, I sure do. I like Garbage and Phish and Blur…
Meg: Oh really.
Meg: Woah.
Boy: I also like Radiohead.

There’s an article at MTV about the addition of “Meeting People is Easy” dates.

For those of you expecting to see the Radiohead special on 120 Minutes last Sunday, try again on May 16. It’s been moved. More details below.

Finally, The Radiohead box set that I mentioned a while back called “Good Karma” is not a collection of b-sides but rather contains:
a cd sized 100 page book
interview cd
long sleeve radiohead t-shirt
3 stickers
my iron lung cd5
karma police cd5

I have no idea if it’s available. lists it as not released yet.

Jonny Greenwood OK Computer Radiohead

News for April 9, 1999

It looks like a box set called “Good Karma” full of Radiohead’s b-sides may be released in the future.  A few online music stores (amazon, best buy) lists it to be released next year.  This may or may not be from Parlophone, Radiohead’s record label, and it will probably be available only in the UK.  This is all the info I know.  I’ll post more when it comes in.

The new Pavement album, “Terror Twilight”, will be released on June 8.  You may recall that Jonny provided the harmonica part on a few songs.

The Amnesty International concert that Radiohead took part in last December will be available soon on video on DVD.  It has been showing on Pay-per-view in the US but only contains 3 of the 10 songs Radiohead performed.  No word if the video will contain more footage and there is no release date set.
The new official Radiohead website should be up and running soon.  Stanley Donwood, Radiohead’s art guru, has been working hard on making the site.
Finally, I will be attending the screening of “Meeting People is Easy” in Chicago next Thursday at the Music Box.  I’ll most likely see the midnight showing also on Friday.  If you are going also, feel free to say hi.