Thom Yorke tour

Thom Yorke to play benefit concert for Green Party in Britain

Thom announced on a newly redesigned Dead Air Space that he will be performing at a Green Party benefit concert in support of Tony Juniper. Juniper is campaigning to become a member of parliament and also accompanied Yorke when he crashed the UN climate change conference in December.

Thom writes:

I’m doing a low key solo thing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on the 25th of Feb.

It’s because a friend of mine Tony Juniper (who used to be head of Friends of the Earth and who i went to the Copenhagen Summit with) is hoping to become one of the first Green Members of Parliament in the UK.
And i wanted to help him out somehow.

I think he’d be a great MP as he knows a lot about dealing with the murky brown waters of politics when it comes to the environment, but has a positive energy with a healthy contempt for the way they operate. And wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there who is actually doing more than paying lip service to climate change? And maybe rip shit up a little?

Now normally i wouldn’t get involved in politics like this… but lets face it.. it aint labour or the tories is it?!? so..
and anyway he bought me a pint and twisted my arm. it’s a slippery slope i know.

what else do i have to say? oh yes the proceeds from said event go to the Green Party of which Tony is a member.
and support will be offered by local person Pete Um.

tickets will go on sale from the waste shop tommoro at midday.

now remember it s a local gig for local people………….. err like me.

Ticket information can be found here.

Amnesiac Radiohead

I Might Be Wrong

The “I Might Be Wrong” video is now ready for you to view at The video was directed by Chris Bran of the Vapour Brothers and was originally the second “Pyramid Song” video the Vapour Brothers had done but changed it to fit “I Might Be Wrong”. {thanks to Adam}

Campus Greens update
Unfortunately, Radiohead will not be able to make it to the August 10 Campus Greens Super Rally in Chicago. This is from Rally Coordinator Clint Hendler:

I’m very sorry to report that Radiohead will not be able to attend the Campus Greens Rally For Radical Change. This time the tour schedule wouldn’t allow it, but we guarantee that we will try to get Radiohead sometime again in the future. I hope that greenplastic readers in the Chicago area will still consider attending a night of great political
speakers and performers, including Ralph Nader, Cornel West, Patti Smith, and former “Dead Kennedys” frontman Jello Biafra.

Amnesiac Radiohead tour

More on Green Party rally in Chicago

We received the following email from Clint Hendler (Rally Cooridinator for the Campus Greens Super Rally to be held in Chicago on August 10) after posting the July 14 story about Radiohead being invited:

I thought that you might appreciate an update on Radiohead’s possible appearance at the Campus Greens Super Rally for Radical Change.

As you know, Radiohead openly endorsed Ralph Nader’s 2000 Green Presidential Campaign. Radiohead was invited to several Super Rallies–stadium sized political events that attracted over 10,000 people a piece–but the band was always unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, most of which had to do with the concurrent release of ‘Kid A.’

Many astute fans may remember how at the end of their ‘Kid A’ Saturday Night Live appearance Thom Yorke held up a sign that read “Let Ralph Debate!” That sign was a reference to Ralph Nader’s exclusion from the fall’s presidential debates.

Radiohead’s music often reveals their politics, and their politics have much in common with the Green Party’s. Shared concerns include the increased corporatization of the world, the environmental and social hazards of a car based society, slick politicians, and the undue power of global entities like the WTO and the IMF.

We invited Radiohead because we wanted them to share a stage with those who shared their views. Radiohead has not yet accepted our invitation, but they have also not yet rejected it. They are available the night of our rally, August 10th, and are going to be in the midwest. These facts give us hope.

As a special note, greenplastic’s mention of The Campus Greens Super Rally for Radical change netted us more browser hits than any other website in this month. And the news item has only been on the site for five days! I would like to extend a special invitation to Chicago area Radiohead fans to attend our Rally, whether the band makes it or not. It will be a great opportunity to learn about a new political movement that is exciting both the band and the nation.

For more information about the Campus Greens, click here.

Speaking of Chicago
Delilah’s (located at 2771 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago) will be doing a “Radiohead Night” this Saturday, July 28 from 9pm to 3am. It is for fans 21 and older. No cover charge! {thanks to Tony}

Berlin Radio 1
Berlin’s Radio 1 is transmitting last year’s Radiohead Show (04.07.00) on the 31st of July from 11pm to 1 am (CET). You can also listen to it via Internet. The URL of their live-stream is: {thanks to a href=””>www.meetingpeopleiseasy.deEric}

Radiohead featured on cover of Alternative Press

Radiohead will be gracing the cover of the September 2001 issue of Alternative Press. {thanks to Matt}

New Zealand
TV2 in New Zealand will be showing Radiohead – Live in Paris on Sunday night (29th July) at 11pm. Also, Radiohead will be on a radio program called ‘The Mix’, at 11.06 pm on friday night on National Radio.
{thanks to Marcel}