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Thom & Colin on Radio 1

by Jonathan on September 24, 2002

Both Thom and Colin were interviewed by Radio 1’s Mark Radcliffe earlier today and talked about their progress so far with recording the new album. They’ve already recorded about 10 songs during their studio time in Los Angeles and are planning to head back there soon to resume recording.
Mark and Lard also nominated the band for the Halon Mens Wear LTD Music Awards but unfortunately, they didn’t win.
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Jonny speaks

by Jonathan on September 2, 2002

Jonny Greenwood made an appearance at the official Radiohead message board yesterday and described the band’s first day in their Los Angeles studio.

Coz is playing bass right now, and singing along like a loony….pretty intense stuff in here! It’s day one, and going fine.” He also stated that the recording sessions will take a couple of weeks.

The night before, the band went to the Beck concert which Jonny described as “charming” and “ace”.

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Q Magazine

by Jonathan on August 21, 2002

Please go here here if you’d like to read the recent Q article about Radiohead’s new songs. There are also some scanned images.

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Pitchfork article

by Jonathan on August 5, 2002

There is an article about the new songs at Pitchfork.
(thanks to Edgar)

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NME articles

by Jonathan on July 31, 2002

The two NME articles are now online here and here. Here’s the bit about the new album:

Colin talks of their plans for the new album. “We fly to LA at the end of August. (Long-time producer) Nigel Godrich rents a space there. Were going to spend two weeks working. The plan is like with OK Computer – we’ll have loads of songs we know and it’ll just be (mimes dumping a pile of books on the table) there!

He thinks about this: “It means we’ll be in America for September 11. Which will be interesting.

They hope to release the new LP, their sixth studio album, in March next year. There’s a discussion about the new songs. Since Thom didn’t introduce most of them on stage, people are curious about the titles. Have they really called a song “A Punch Up At A Wedding?” They have. Thom finds the fuss over the titles funny. I should have handed out lyric sheets to the audience,” he says, which seems like such a terribly un-Radiohead thing to do (for a band who, as “artists”, hate the idea of giving anything away for fear it will spirit the “art” itself into nothingness) that we assume it’s a joke.

(thanks to Rania)

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New album news

by Jonathan on July 30, 2002

In this week’s printed edition of the NME, Thom is interviewed and mentions that the band will begin recording their sixth album next month in the United States with Nigel Godrich and expect a March 2003 release. Also, he mentions that the band has rehearsed 16 new songs for the current tour.
(thanks to Ben)

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