In Rainbows Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Thom and Jonny cover Neil Young

Thom and Jonny covered Neil Young’s “Tell Me Why” last night at the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s the video:

Radiohead :: “Tell Me Why” (neil young cover) from gorilla vs. bear on Vimeo.
MP3: Radiohead – “Tell Me Why”

More information about this show, including the setlist and reviews, can be found at our gigography.
(via Gorilla Vs Bear via At Ease)

In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Radiohead Rock Hollywood

Radiohead Setlist
(photo by ponyinarope)

The band played their first of two shows at the Hollywood Bowl last night to a sold out crowd. Since we’re talking Hollywood, you know that plenty of celebrities showed up. Spotted in attendance were Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Phillipe, Elijah Wood, James Blunt, Patricia & Rosanna Arquette, Rufus Sewell, Tim Roth, Christina Aguilera, Seth Green, Heather Graham, and Danny Masterson, to name a few.

For the setlist and reviews, clicky here. The band play again tonight before wrapping up their tour in Chula Vista and Santa Barbara.

Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

True Love Waits

Download the spectacular “True Love Waits” as performed by Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl: Thom hinted during the recent KROQ interview that they may have recorded the song live from the Hollywood Bowl and may release it sometime soon. {thanks to Matt}
Another interview
107.7 The End has an interview with Thom that you can listen to at their Website. {thanks to Michael}

Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Last night in Hollywood

Radiohead wrapped up their North American tour last night with a stop at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. For the setlist and some reviews, click here.
Bull Run
Here is a statement from w.a.s.t.e. about the recently canceled Bull Run shows:

Due to extreme weather conditions and concerns for fan safety, Radiohead were forced to cancel both shows at Bull Run Park ( August 11th and 12th). The band’s current commitments do not allow for these shows to be rescheduled this year. On their return to the USA however, Washington DC will have priority. Radiohead apologized for any inconvenience and disappointment that this may have caused. All tickets purchased through w.a.s.t.e will automatically be refunded at face value. Ticket holders who purchased tickets elsewhere should contact the individual outlet for refund info.

{thanks to Amy}

The New Yorke(r)
We’ve read many articles about Radiohead over the years, but this one takes the cake hands down. We usually don’t voice our opinions on things like this, but this article is simply one of the best Radiohead articles ever. You can read it here. Also, you can read the interview writer Alex Ross did with Thom that was used for the article here. {thanks to Tyler & David}

Famous Ondes Martenot player dies; wished to perform with Radiohead
From the NY Times:

“Jeanne Loriod, whose artistry playing the ondes martenot, a rare electronic instrument known for its haunting wail, made her the instrument’s most celebrated performer, died on Aug. 3 at Juan-les-Pins, France. She was 73. Not just anybody, after all, had Ms. Loriod’s versatility. Shortly before her death, she had hoped to perform with the British pop group Radiohead.”

Jonny recently met Ms. Loriod as he stated in the above New Yorker article:

Jonny is fascinated by Olivier Messiaen, the late French composer; it is because of Messiaen that he became interested in the ondes martenot, which is featured in many of the composer’s works. “I heard the ‘Turangal?la Symphony’ when I was fifteen,” Jonny went on, “and I became round-the-bend obsessed with it. I wish I could have met him or shaken his hand. I did get to meet his sister-in-law, the ondeiste Jeanne Loriod. I’m learning Messiaen’s ‘Trois Petites Liturgies’ for a performance in London.”

{thanks to G}

More reviews
Our friends at JamBase have two reviews for you to read: 8/16/2001 Liberty State Park & 8/14/2001 Suffolk Downs.
Calling all Los Angeles Radiohead fans!
Want to help Radiohead put everything in its right place? Interested in recounting out of body experiences you’ve had at live shows, counting down all your favorite songs, quoting Thom&co. or just sharing the best of your Radiohead-related tales? Write to TODAY if you are interested in giving taped soapbox testimonials on why Radiohead deserve the title of “Best Band in the World.”

Amnesiac Phil Selway Radiohead tour

Back in effect

Phew, what a vacation! We’re well rested and ready to get our hands dirty again with all this Radiohead goodness!

Setlists and reviews for ALL the shows so far are available now at our tour section. As you all may know, both shows at the Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA were canceled due to flooding. Refunds are available at point of purchase and unfortunately, there are no plans to reschedule these shows in the future.

Tonight Radiohead takes over Hollywood
Radiohead end their North American tour tonight at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA. Doors open at 6pm and the Beta Band goes on at 7.

Knives Out
You can preorder the US version of the “Knives Out” single at Amazon.

Speaking of “Knives Out”, director Michel Gondry recently talked about doing the video for the song and the meaning behind it. Check it out at {thanks to Kev}

The Anti Pop Consortium
The Anti Pop Consortium has been confirmed as the opening act for the September 8 show in Stockholm, Sweden. {thanks to Joakim & Ragnhild}

New album news
What? New album news already?! You have to be joking!

No. Colin, speaking in an interview with, stated that the band will begin working on their sixth album after Christmas. Q Magazine is also reporting that “Amnesiac Follow-Up Due Next Year.” {thanks to jean-francois & Mitch}

Next single: I Might Be Wrong
We have learned that the band are about to film a video for “I Might Be Wrong” very soon. The rumor is that Johnny Hardstaff of RSA/Blackdog Films will be directing it.

Modern Drummer
Though we don’t know which issue yet, we do know that there will be an interview with Phil in Modern Drummer magazine. Keep your eye out for it! {thanks to Joe}

Win a Radiohead scooter!
HMV has a contest in which they will give away five Radiohead-customized scooters! The contest is open only to Canadians (except for residents of Quebec). For more info, click here.

Mattew Good
Running for Home has an interview with Matthew Good where he talks about Radiohead. {thanks to Bob}

Amnesiac Phil Selway Radiohead tour

Attention Canadian Radiohead fans!

JAM! Music is running a contest to send two people to Los Angeles (airfare, accomodation, concert tickets and ground transportation to the show) to catch Radiohead’s final tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl. There’s also a bunch of cool runner-up prizes. The contest is open to Canadian fans only. For more info, go to
Interview with Phil
Then It Must Be True has an interview with Phil Selway for your reading pleasure.
Knives Out 2CD
EIL currently has the “Knives Out” UK 6-track 2-CD set up on their site. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Knives Out
2. Cut Tooth
3. Life In A Glass House (Full Length)
1. Knives Out
2. Worrywort
3. Fog

“Fog” is what was used to be called “Alligators in New York Sewers.”