Radiohead tour

Ticket Auctions!

You can now bid on tickets for the upcoming Japanese shows here! All proceeds from the auctions will go towards the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Radiohead Special
There will be a 90 minute Radiohead Special: Live At Belfort Festival on Channel [V] in Australia on September 25 at 9pm. Don’t miss it! {thanks to David}

There is a new Radiohead article at the NME. {thanks to Dylan}

Radiohead tour


You can see the setlist and a review of last night’s show in Belfast here.

Radiohead’s next stop will be at the end of the month when the play in Osaka, Japan on September 29. It is rumored that the band may play a few dates in Australia after the tour in Japan… So far nothing has been announced.

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Amnesiac Radiohead tour

New Zealand

Radiohead’s fifth album, Amnesiac, will be released today in pretty much all of the world. The United States and Canada will get it tomorrow, while New Zealand will have to wait until June 11. Enjoy!!

In video news…
In the latest newsletter from (the UK promo/ad industry mag), they indicated that Michel Gondry is set to direct a promo for Radiohead in June. Gondry has done videos for Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Rolling Stones, and Cibo Matto. For more info about him, check out this site and this site. {thanks to Kevin}

Radiohead has been nominated for the Band of the Year award at this year’s GQ Awards. You can vote for them at {thanks to Christina}
You can now view scans of the Q & A special Thom did with Blender Magazine. {thanks to Sid}

Amnesiac is being featured as Record of the Month at the Portuguese site Coincidentally, Green Plastic is featured as the Site of the Month! 🙂 {thanks to JM}

w.a.s.t.e. is now selling tickets to the shows in Japan. has some photos of the Rock am Ring show and some mp3s of the Rock im Park show.

Speaking of the Rock im Park concert, you can see the setlist here.

There is a midnight showing of “Meeting People is Easy” at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL on June 8 & 9, 15 & 16 (Friday and Saturday nights). Here is the web site for more information. {thanks to Julia}

Here’s the latest press roundup:
– The Dallas Morning News gave Amnesiac a C+. {thanks to Jerry}
Review of Amnesiac by Chicago Tribune. {thanks to Jason}
People Magazine’s review of the new album. {thanks to Aurora}
Nightshift’s review. Amnesiac is also mentioned on this page. {thanks to Karine}

Amnesiac Ed O'Brien Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Hunting Bears

Some of you may have noticed that a French radio DJ, Bernard Lenoir, has been playing a song that he’s claiming is “Hunting Bears” from Amnesaic. The trouble is, the song sounds nothing like “Hunting Bears” and has left many, including myself, confused. We have now learned that the song is indeed not “Hunting Bears” but a new Radiohead song called “Tongue Tied” which will appear as a B-Side for the upcoming “Knives Out” single. The track, which was actually recorded last year, was reportedly leaked by Radiohead’s tour manager, Hilda Carr. If you want to hear “Tounge Tied” then click here. {thanks to DasMonkey}

Radiohead will be performing “Pyramid Song” on Top of the Pops this Friday, May 25 at 7:30pm on BBC1. Also, next Sunday, May 27, there will be an interview with Radiohead on Top of the Pops plus which is on at 12:00 midday. {thanks to Steve, James, and Jack}

Another show in Japan has been announced. The date will be in Budokan, Japan on October 2. Stay tuned for more details… {thanks to Jake}

Remember that Plastic Mutations CD that came out with unknown bands covering Radiohead songs? Well, thanks to the Sawdustmonster, you can know download some of the tracks here so you won’t have to buy the album. 🙂

Clarin, a newspaper in Argentina, has recently published an interview with Thom. If you know Spanish, you can read the interview at their site. {thanks to Santiago and Vero}

Is Rock and Roll dead? Check out this article which tackles that subject and mentions Radiohead. {thanks to Jody}

There is an interview with Ed on Brit Teletext. You can read it at their site. {thanks to Rod}