Amnesiac Radiohead

Jennifer Aniston on Radiohead

In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Jennifer Aniston talks a bit about Radiohead:

“Brad said get this band Ours,” Aniston says. “Do you know them? I guess they’re one of those junior-Radiohead bands. I haven’t heard them. I imagine there must be a lot of bands like that now, because everyone wants to be Radiohead.” Shrug. “I’d like to be Radiohead. It’s not a bad thing.”

Aniston confesses that music plays a major role in her life with Brad Pitt: “We do have similar tastes – very eclectic in that we’ll listen to pretty much anything. We also go through phases together, like that band Bran Van 3000, their first album. When we started dating, we were listening to a lot of Radiohead. They just sounded so good at that point in our relationship.”

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MSN Article
MSN mentions Radiohead in an article about Britpop. {thanks to Graham}

Hear/Say Radiohead Art Contest
They’ve picked the finalists. Now it’s time for you to vote! Head on over here.

Japanese “I Might Be Wrong” EP
HMV says the “I Might Be Wrong” Japanese EP will be released on September 27, 2001.

Radiohead Nominated
Radiohead has been nominated in this year’s UK Online Music Awards for Artist of the Year, Best Rock/Alternative Artist Online, and Best Online Live Music Event (South Park). You can vote here.