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Vote Killerbear?

Vote Killerbear? If you visit the city of Nottingham (UK) you may see little posters of the Radiohead bear with the words “Vote Killerbear”. They are apparently in a lot of locations as documented here. What are they for? Who put them up? Did the band have something to do with it? These are questions that we can’t answer. Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming elections on June 7.

The NME has given Amnesiac an 8 of 10 rating. {thanks to Chris}

The setlist and review for last night’s show in Verona, Italy is here.

Thom, Colin, and Jonny appeared on Mark and Lard yesterday live from Verona. Thom and Colin played Wheel of Misfortune in which Thom confessed that they had picked “The Tourist” for the encore in France only to discover that they couldn’t remember (talk about Amnesia!) the last chord to the the song! They discovered this about 2 minutes before they went on stage and couldn’t locate a copy of OK Computer so the song was ditched. You can listen to the Thom and Colin’s Wheel of Misfortune and the Yes No Game with Thom at the Mark and Lard Site. The full interview should be available Online soon. {thanks to Paul}

To hear Thom’s solo version of “Pyramid Song” from the same show, check out Apparently Jonng was itching to play drums with a Yamaha Beatbox or something… ๐Ÿ™‚ {thanks to Titof}

According to Pitchforkmedia, a “Knives Out” EP will be released in the UK on July 24. {thanks to Keegan}

Two local bands, The Rock Of Travolta and Hester Thrale have been added to the support list at the July 7 Radiohead “hometown” show in Oxford. {thanks to Alex and Andrew}

Thom is interviewed in the latest edition of the Dutch magazine OOR.

The PinkPop festival, in which Radiohead is taking part of, will be available to watch and listen to Online at this Site on Monday, June 4. {thanks to Willem}

The concert that Radiohead played for Canal+ on April 28 will be aired on the following channels on June 5:
– Canal+ Spain @ 23:45
– Canal+ Sweden @ 21:35
– TELE PIU’ BIANCO (Italian satellite network) @ 6:05pm

A “Making of…” special will also be shown. {thanks to Linda}

There is supposedly going to be an Amnesiac listenening party on June 3rd at 8:00 PM at the Zia Records on University & Mill Ave. in Tempe, Arizona.
More Zia Records info: 105 W. University, Tempe, AZ (480) 829-1967. {thanks to Meggie}

Amnesiac will be released tomorrow in Ireland! {thanks to John}

Boris Becker is Thom Yorke? We didn’t even know you liked tennis Thom! {thanks to Nicolas}

Nude as the News has launched three new articles on Radiohead, including a review of the new album, a band profile and an odd piece of humor, called Trivee. ‘Head on over and check it out!

There is an article (in Portuguese) about Radiohead and their show recently in Bilbao, Spain at {thanks to bey}

Mexican radio station Radioactivo is celebrating it’s 9th anniversary with many specials and contests, and they sure won’t leave Radiohead out of it. Here’s a list of Radiohead events in Radioactivo:

– June 4th: Amnesiac will go on sale, and radioactivo will be at Mixup G?nova (a record store in Mexico City)at 6:30 local time giving away special radiohead gifts to people who buy the cd.
– June 5th: Radioactivo will be airing one of Radiohead concerts in Dublin.
– During that week radioactivo will be giving away a trip to the U.S. to watch one the Radiohead concerts, so stay tuned and be ready to do whatever it takes to win that trip!.
oh, and thereยซs a poll at about which is the most awaited cd. So far Amnesiac is in the lead.

{thanks to Nicolas}

Amnesiac Radiohead

Tongue Tied

Yesterday we told you about a song called “Tongue Tied” that will appear as a B-Side for the upcoming “Knives Out”single. Well, Planet Telex’s own Max K cleared up some of the confusion today. Apparently this song was titled “Cuttooth” at one point and was actually going to be track 9 (now Hunting Bears) on Amnesiac until it was pulled at the last minute. This may explain why Bernard Lenoir incorrectly announced this song as “Hunting Bears” on French radio. “As for whether its going to be a future b-side, when it was recorded, what its called or anything else. thats a mystery and there are one million and one rumours flying around.” Drama! {thanks to Max K}

Last week we announced a promotion in Chicago where if you pre-ordered a copy of Amnesiac at select record stores you would receive a password to the site. Here are some of the participating music stores in Chicago:

SEE HEAR on North Ave
COCONUTS Clark and Diversey
COCONUTS Diversey and Sheffield
COCONUTS on Damen and North Ave
CROW’S NEST on State St
SAM GOODY in Vernon Hills
SAM GOODY Water Tower
SAM GOODY 700 N Michigan

{thanks to Mike}
Here’s the latest from Capitol:

Don’t miss the chance to hear the entire Radiohead Amnesiac album before you can buy it. Tune in from now until June 5th via the iblip or desktop proctors. Plus check out all new photos of the band.
Be the first to know about Radiohead news, tour dates, downloads and more even when you are out on the town. Amnesiac wireless messaging – you won’t have to remember so long as you sign up today to receive Radiohead updates to your cell or 2-way pager.

The Vaison la Romaine concert will be broadcast in 10 venues in France and on the mini-site of the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. {thanks to ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r.}

Mexican radio station Radioactivo 98.5 (in Mexico City) will be airing a Dublin’s Radiohead concert on June 5th. No time has been specified yet.
{thanks to Carlos}

Next Wednesday 23rd, MTV Latinamerica will premiere the video for ‘Pyramid Song’. The happy event will take place during the show ‘Conexion’
Also on Wednesday, the tv channel Films&Arts will be airing a half hour long show called “Profiles: Radiohead”. This show will air Wed 23 9pm, repeating Thur 24 at 4am, 11am and 6pm [all Argentinean time] {thanks to gabi}

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Hunting Bears

Some of you may have noticed that a French radio DJ, Bernard Lenoir, has been playing a song that he’s claiming is “Hunting Bears” from Amnesaic. The trouble is, the song sounds nothing like “Hunting Bears” and has left many, including myself, confused. We have now learned that the song is indeed not “Hunting Bears” but a new Radiohead song called “Tongue Tied” which will appear as a B-Side for the upcoming “Knives Out” single. The track, which was actually recorded last year, was reportedly leaked by Radiohead’s tour manager, Hilda Carr. If you want to hear “Tounge Tied” then click here. {thanks to DasMonkey}

Radiohead will be performing “Pyramid Song” on Top of the Pops this Friday, May 25 at 7:30pm on BBC1. Also, next Sunday, May 27, there will be an interview with Radiohead on Top of the Pops plus which is on at 12:00 midday. {thanks to Steve, James, and Jack}

Another show in Japan has been announced. The date will be in Budokan, Japan on October 2. Stay tuned for more details… {thanks to Jake}

Remember that Plastic Mutations CD that came out with unknown bands covering Radiohead songs? Well, thanks to the Sawdustmonster, you can know download some of the tracks here so you won’t have to buy the album. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clarin, a newspaper in Argentina, has recently published an interview with Thom. If you know Spanish, you can read the interview at their site. {thanks to Santiago and Vero}

Is Rock and Roll dead? Check out this article which tackles that subject and mentions Radiohead. {thanks to Jody}

There is an interview with Ed on Brit Teletext. You can read it at their site. {thanks to Rod}

Amnesiac Radiohead tour

Knives Out

“Knives Out” will ship to radio stations in the United States on June 26. So far we do not know if this will be a radio-only single or if it will be released commercially. Stay tuned…

w.a.s.t.e. is now selling tickets to the George, WA and Vancouver, BC shows. Run!!!!

This is a reply sent by Suffolk Downs, the venue where Radiohead will be playing in Boston:

Thank you for your interest in Suffolk Downs Summer Concert Series. Radiohead will be performing in out infield on Tuesday, August 14th at 6:00 pm. Ticket information has not yet been confirmed. Please check out for information about this show. If there is nothing posted yet, expect to see something in the next few weeks.
We’ll see you at the show!

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News for December 14, 1999

Lord! More article about the webcast, courtesy of the ever attentive Xavier, are at VH-1, Music365, Chart Attack, and those crazy Ink Blot guys. ๐Ÿ™‚
And speaking of the webcast, expect more of them in the future. This is one of the latest additions in Ed’s Diary:

“first ‘live’ performance in front of an audience for exactly (and strangely) a year…… was early morning so it was the 10th. it started with jonny (aka DJ REQUIRED) and thom’s dj set and then a last minute executive decision was made to play ‘knives out’ around the xmas tree. ‘amateur hour’ will hopefully become a regular night for us – but will be different each time – there will however be ongoing items like phil’s puppet show. for those who don’t know what i’m going on about – we did a live web broadcast to about 250 people – courtesy of tim bran and those lovely people at the ninja tunes label.”

Amnesiac Radiohead

News for December 10, 1999

webcastWell, what a night last night was! For those of you lucky enough to catch the Radiohead special “Amateur Nite” on their site last night, you’re most likely craving for more.

You may remember the w.a.s.t.e. email from Mel last week saying that we should download the RealPlayer for reasons left unknown. Last night the RealPlayer was put in use! The boys of Radiohead set up a video camera and went on the air around 6PM Eastern time. All five were there, along with Nigel (their producer), Mel, and a few others. Basically the first 2 hours were just Thom and Jonny playing DJs. They played many many great songs including tracks from PJ Harvey, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin, Johnny Cash, etc… It was a real party atmosphere, topped off with a nice Christmas tree in the background. DJ Thom was wonderful at keeping us entertained.

Here’s a partial play list: (thanks to Follow Me Around)
01. The Fall – Birmingham school of business school
02. The Fall – Wrong Place Right Time
03. Gescom – Change rmx on skam
04. Charlie Mingus – Freedom
05. Miles davis – Jack johnson
06. Beefheart – Gimme that heart boy
07. Scientist – Cloning process
08. Betty davis – If I’m In Luck I might get picked Up
09. Autechre – Arch carrier
10. Close encounters – Induction of Barry
11. Syd Barrett – Golden hair
12. Mahalia Jackson – Come sunday
13. Aphex twin – Squarepusher – FHM acid
14. Iggy pop – Nightclubbing
15. Sonic youth – Tunic
16. Prince Buster – Al capone
17. Gabor szabo – Jazz raga
18. From nuggets – Vol2 original artyfactsfrom the 1st psychedelic era 1965 – 1968
19. Talking Heads – This Must be The place
20. Can – pinch
21. Squarepusher – UFO’s over leytonstone
22. Squarepusher – Title unknown
22. PJ Harvey – The River
23. Global Goon – Rockford
24. Neue – Hallo gallo
25. Frances Lai – Le passager de la pluie
26. Oscar Peterson – Brotherhood of man
27. Batacuda – ?
28. Johnny Cash – San Quentin Blues
29. Ravel – String Quartet in F
30. Andre Previn (Turangalila symphony) – Messiaen
31. Ramsey Lewis – Dancing in the street
32. Monster Mash.
33. A1 People – Do It
34. Sing a song of Motor Cars – Mini Moke song
35. Can – ?
36. Popol Vuh – ?

webcastFinally at the end of the webcast, the camera turned around and there was Radiohead, instruments in hand, getting ready to play. They performed a new song which is believed to be “Knives Out”. We’re still waiting for confirmation on that. Some of the lyrics can be found at the official site here. Overall, it was great fun. Radiohead definitely has the luckiest fans in the world. Count on that.

In other news…

There is a small article in the current issue of Rolling Stone which features Thom. Here is what he had to say about the millennium:

“In the near future, I will build a bunker for myself and all my friends. It will go down a long, long way, and I will buy some nuclear missiles when the money comes through and hold all the faceless powers for ransom until they show themselves for who they really are. I shall then bring about world peace by singing “Kumbaya.”

Many thanks to J for that.