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News for November 7, 1999

Here you go, straight from Radiohead, Garbage Power KROQ Compilation

Radiohead, Garbage, and Bush are among the artists featured on “The Best Of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Volume One,” a compilation of tracks recorded at the L.A. radio station’s annual holiday concerts. The album is being released via Time Bomb Recordings and streets on Nov. 23. Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” Garbage’s “Stupid Girl,” and Bush’s “Everything Zen” appear in largely acoustic renditions. Other artists featured on the disc include Hole (“Doll Parts”), No Doubt (“Spiderwebs”), Cake (“The Distance”), Live (“I Alone”), and the Violent Femmes (“Blister In The Sun”).

The full tracklist for “The Best Of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Volume One” is as follows :
1.”Damn It,” Blink-182
2.”Stupid Girl,” Garbage
3.”What It’s Like,” Everlast
4.”Doll Parts,” Hole
5.”Walking On the Sun,” Smash Mouth
6.”Spiderwebs,” No Doubt
7.”I Will Buy You A New Life,” Everclear
8.”Everything Zen,” Bush
9.”The Distance,” Cake
10.”Fake Plastic Trees,” Radiohead
11.”I Alone,” Live
12.”Blister In the Sun,” Violent Femmes

The wonderful people at Ink Blot Magazine have a little Radiohead feature going on right now. Go check it out!

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for April 5, 1998

You can listen to the KROQ April Fools joke by clicking here. It is in real audio, so you will need to have the appropriate equipment.

Thom will not be naked in the next Drugstore video as previously thought. Here is an excerpt from the fanzine “Tartrazine” in which Drugstore’s Isabel and Darren were interviewed:

t: is it true what i’ve heard about the video for ‘el president’?
isabel: it’s kind of true, but it was done in a really tasteful way….no, it’s not. if you check the paper it was actually april fools day. but we were sent that treatment by a video maker, and we thought it was so preposterous, so ridiculous – the idea of me and thom naked in mud. we showed it to thom and said ‘thom, look!’, and he said ‘oh, let’s send that to the press as a press release’.
t: so it’s not actually true?
isabel: no! oh please!
t: I didn’t really think that thom would go for that kind of thing..
darren: well, you’re the first person that knows – we haven’t told anyone else yet.
isabel: no, we haven’t told anyone. but the video’s beautiful.
t: does it have thom yorke in it?
isabel: yes. it’s beautiful – keep watching MTV because they’ve put it on heavy rotation.

many thanks to emma short

The American EP, Airbag/ How am I driving? is going to be released on April 21, 1998. Check out Capitol’s Radiohead section for more details.
Ed said that last night’s show in Salem was their best so far on the tour.

OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for April 2, 1998

Boy oh boy! The excitement today! For those of you that don’t know, Thom supposedly got into a fight with a KROQ radio DJ yesterday morning. I guess many people didn’t look at their calendars when they got up. For a complete report on this April Fool’s joke, click here.

Ok, I admit. It had me going for a second.

From the Army of Lovers Headquaters website:

“Tralala Productions are considering [NOTE that I said “considering”, but it is a possibility] taking legal action against the British band Radiohead (on behalf of Army of Lovers and songwriters Alexander Bard, Anders Wollbeck and Jean-Pierre Barda) on grounds of plagiarism. The song “Exit Music (For a Film)” from Radiohead’s critically acclaimed 1997 album OK Computer has a chorus very similar to that of Army of Lovers’ hit “Crucified” from 1991.”