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News for June 13, 2000

In an interview earlier today, Radiohead French tour manager, Hilda Carr, spoke with a French radio station and said that the concert tonight was delayed for an hour and a half due to a bad rain storm that cut off the electricity to the venue. The crowed gave the opening band, Laika, an overwhelming applause. When Radiohead came on, Thom was so moved and impressed by the place that he had tears in his eyes. The band played 7 new songs, among older favorites. The set list:

01. Talk Show Host
02. Bones
03. Optimistic
04. Karma Police
05. Planet Telex
06. Morning Bell
07. Dollars and Cents
08. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
09. Everyone / The National Anthem
10. My Iron Lung
11. No Surprises
12. Climbing Up the Walls
13. Lucky
14. In Limbo
15. Exit Music (for a film)
16. Airbag
17. Everything in it’s Right Place
18. Just [encore]
19. Knives Out [encore]
20. Nice Dream [encore]
21. Paranoid Android [encore]

We will hopefully have some photos and fan reviews up soon!

Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 8, 2000

Thom updated his page at the official Radiohead site recently. Here is a portion of what was originally there:

” The delgados album is fucking great–the great eastern
the clinic album is also great
also i like sigor ros from iceland i think they are amazing
clinic and laika are supporting us
laika are great.
why arent all these bands really famous?
also Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Shahen-shahis great!
i am so tired im working stupid hours trying to get everything finished also rehearsing.
come on stanley lets change the front page shall we? i know were busy and everything but.. . ”
(thanks to Elis)

Shortly after this was posted, it was taken down and re-written. Go to his page for the newest one.

He mentioned that Clinic and Laika will be the supporting bands during the band’s summer tour. Here are the dates in which Laika will be the opening act:

Theatre Antique d’Arles, France (June 13)
Theatre Antique de Vaison, France (14)
Barcelona Teatro Tivoli, Spain (15),
Arenes de Frejus, France (17)
Milan Villa Reale, Italy (18 & 19)
Florence Piazza Santa Croce, Italy (21 & 22)

The dates that Clinic will be a part of have not been announced yet. For more info on Laika, go to this site. A Clinic site can be found here.

Colin Greenwood OK Computer Radiohead The Bends Thom Yorke

News for December 31, 1997

hi, how are you?

well, it’s the end of the year and all the awards are being passed out. Q magazine’s readers chose OK COMPUTER as the best album of all time. they also chose THE BENDS as the sixth best. Select magazine gave OKC 2nd best album of the year as Rolling Stone’s critic’s poll named radiohead band of the year. as stated earlier, Spin magazine also named radiohead band of the year. the british magazine, Mojo, named OKC album of the year also and also asked thom and colin what their favorite albums of 1997 were:

Thom: “Five of my favorite records from this year: Laika, ‘sounds of the satellites’. They toured with us and deserve more recognition; ‘Portishead’ by Portishead. This is their second album. It is better than the first. I love them… Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s ‘Arkology’. This counts doesn’t it? My favourite thing is listening to it while looking at photos of the studio before it burnt down. Guided By Voices, ‘Mag Earwhig’. The only band who have sussed recording and are happy to make things as long as my limited attention span will allow. Reminds me of Pixies’ ‘Surfer Rosa’. Also Dr Octagon, ‘Octagynecologist’. Blue flowers is my favourite song of this year. Not sure about the sex stuff, but the rhymes shit all over the lyrics I’ve written.”

Colin: “Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, ‘Arkology’. ‘Portishead’ by Portishead is the best record this autumn… Belle & Sebastian’s song ‘A Century Of Fakers’. Teenage Fanclub, “songs from northern britain’. Supergrass, ‘in it for the money’. And Manuel Ponce, ‘Preludes’. Ah. Guitar!”

there will be a home video released soon which was filmed while the band was on tour earlier in the year. it will probably be released only in canada.
radiohead will not be at next year’s V98 festival in chelmsford/leeds. don’t look for them at glastonbury either.

singer stina nordernstam has been asked to help the band in their next video which still has yet to be named but will most likely be lucky. you might recall her from the romeo and juliet soundtrack which radiohead also was on.

the no surprises single will be released in australia on january 19 with the following b-sides: palo alto, how i made my millions, and airbag (live from berlin).