Amnesiac Kid A Radiohead

Lali Puna on Radiohead

In a recent interview, Valerie Trebeljahr from Lali Puna brought up Radiohead:

Radiohead and Andrew Weatherall are two of your supporters… Do you like their music?
VT {Valerie Trebeljahr} : as radiohead have an indie-background too I know and like them for quite a while. and of course we admire kid a and amnesiac a lot! for me especially kid a is the perfect pop-definition: songs and melodies that go into your head, but are equally so complex that you can hear them a thousand times. yes and the most important: they strike emotionally. i know andrew weatherall just though the two lone swordsmen, i don’t know the earlier stuff i have to admit. but i like the swordsmen-music a lot and the sideproject radioactive man too.

Read the rest of the interview here.
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Colin Greenwood

Colin DJ Set in Manchester

Colin Greenwood will be doing a dj set at the Offpeak Night at Jilly’s in Manchester on December 12th starting at 8pm. Lali Puna will also be performing.

For ticket information and directions, head on over to
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