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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

The band played their first of two shows at the Santa Barbara Bowl last night. Setlist and reviews coming soon…

Though they wouldn’t give us much details about the upcoming show with Radiohead, South Park Studios did say that “Radiohead has a lot of fans here at South Park” and that Radiohead will be doing their own voices for the show, which airs on Comedy Central July 11 at 10PM EDT. MMMKKayyyyyy…

Nigel on Ground Zero
Nigel will be interviewed on the radio program Ground Zero today at 12PM PT on KCRW in Los Angeles. Nigel tells host Chris Douridas the intriguing tale of how he moved from being the tea boy at a London studio to becoming one of the most sought-after sonic gurus in the world. He also discusses the making of ground-breaking albums like Radiohead’s “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” as well as Travis’ “The Invisible Band.” The show will also be available to listen to Online at the Website starting at noon as well. A repeat will air tomorrow at 10AM PT. {thanks to Paul}

Spin baby spin
Spin With A Grin has been updated. {thanks to Tom}

This month’s issue of Wire Magazine has an article on Radiohead, which includes an interview with Thom and Jonny and has some very insightful details on the making of both Amnesiac and Kid A. There’s a b&w shot of Thom’s face on the cover. {thanks to Gabriel}

May I Take Your Order?
How did Colin spend his birthday in San Francisco? The SF Chronicle knows!

“The British rock group Radiohead celebrated band member Colin Greenwood’s 32nd birthday at Lapis in San Francisco on Tuesday. Executive chef Thomas Ricci cooked vegan food for lead singer Thom Yorke; he was rewarded with a menu signed by all the band members.”

Also from the Chronicle, a review of the Mountain View show. {thanks to Deirdre & Joanne}

Radiohead tour

Radiohead at Shoreline

Radiohead played a three-encore set last night at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Included in this set was a cover of the Can song “The Thief”. Here’s the setlist and some reviews.

Next stop: Santa Barbara on the 29th and 30th.

Radiohead tour

I left my heart in San Francisco…

The band continue their North American tour with a stop tonight at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA.